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    Caroline Elizabeth and Linnea Elizabeth are my favorites.

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    Thanks, ladies! I don't know why the two "el" sounds dont bother me, but I am concerned with the "ra" sound from Elora running into our last name, which begins with an "R".

    What are middle names that you would suggest for Elora?

    I like Caroline Elizabeth but haven't been sold on it, because it feels a bit ho-hum to me.

    Nepenthe was considered as a middle name as that is where DH proposed.

    Also like the name Linnea. Or could move into the direction of something more sporty/surfer girl than these feminine names. Im pretty much second guessing everything right now! Lol.

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    I love Linnea and Linnea Elizabeth is lovely. What about Elora Caroline? But I like the idea of honoring LO's great grandmother. Have you thought of using Elizabeth as the first name?

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    Does your last name start with a "Ra" sound or something totally different? If it's "Ra....." then it will sound run-together with Elora.

    I don't really mind the repetitive "el" sound. In reality, the flow of the first name plus last is what is going to come up more in daily life. Most people will never hear the mn. So if you have strong reasons for using Elizabeth, I wouldn't let it stop you.

    Nepenthe is weird to me. I'm not sure how to pronounce it. Is it a family name or something? If so, that's okay. Otherwise, I like Sienna Elizabeth more. Or Linnea Elizabeth. Caroline is fine, too, but it seems a tad more classic than your other options, so I'm wondering if it will direct you towards a more classic/plain/common name route for future children?

    Aside from the issues of flow, I really like Elora.

    ETA: I wrote this before seeing what you said about Nepenthe. I like the meaning behind it for you. How is it pronounced?

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    I have thought of Elizabeth as a first name. Her great grandmother goes by Libby. We couldnt use that or any nick-names that end in "y" as our last name ends in "y", right? And I hate when people try to go by the full name Elizabeth, because inevitably people always try to shorten it and it ends up as Liz, which Im not a fan of. If you ahve any NN suggestions for Elizabeth that might work, let me know. Then, Id just have to think of a middle name I do like three-syllable first names as our last name is only two.

    Linnea doesnt have a special meaning to us like Elora does (which means shining light in Greek and from the seashore in Latin). I came across Linnea for the first time on our honeymoon. There was a lovely couple at our resort, and the wife's name was Linnea. I guess that's an okay story tho? Because the meaning is "lime tree"...

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