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    Emmeline is the best spelling, I don't really like unique spellings of names. Other berries have given great combo suggestions like Emmeline Claire and Emmeline Mae (lovely choices)!

    How about

    Emmeline Ruth
    Emmeline Kate
    Emmeline Maeve
    Emmeline Jane
    Emmeline Grace
    Emmeline Marie

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    Emmeline all the way. Emmeline Blair/Claire is nice.
    In the Blue Lagoon she was pretty innocent and loyal, if I remember right. It's something about teenage love etc..

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    That is a great point on Emaline sounding like EEmaline, which I don't want to happen.

    Thank you!

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    Thank you!

    As for nicknames I prefer Em or Emme EmmEE to Emma, so that being said, it sounds like Emmeline is the way to go!

    Emmaline Claire is pretty too!

    My husband says Blair reminds him of the girl from The Facts of Life! I would have thought, Gossip Girl first, LOL! Either way I love the name.

    Also, Emmeline Lily just popped into my mind which I think sounds very pretty

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    Cair Paravel :)
    haha, I find it ironic that you say you prefer the Emmeline spelling for the double "M"s, but you keep spelling it Emaline. I personally am all for Emmeline--I believe either Emmeline or Emeline is the original French spelling--but I just thought that was interesting.

    I adore Emmeline, personally--it used to be my favorite girls' name, fell off for a while, and now it's back and I still really love it! I think something like Emmeline Starla is fine, although Starla's not really my thing--it doesn't sound any longer than something like Elena Charlotte or Aria Lucy, and neither one of those seem disproportionately long (at least, imo!). Then again, I've had 3 Emmeline combos I've loved enough to add to my list (Emmeline Olivia, Emmeline Ruby, and Emmeline Poppy (my current combo! Och, love)), and they're all more than one syllable. And I plan on using a second MN to honor family. I also considered these, if they interest you:

    Emmeline Charlotte
    Emmeline Kaia (still adore the contrast between these two!)
    Emmeline Cosima
    Emmeline Lucia
    Emmeline Lydia
    Emmeline Leona
    Emmeline Fiora
    Emmeline Felicity
    Emmeline Fiona
    Emmeline Clara
    Emmeline Cora
    Emmeline Noelle
    Emmeline Lyra
    Emmeline Lila

    Emmeline Lily is very pretty, too!

    If you want a one-syllable MN, what about:

    Emmeline Liv
    Emmeline Jane
    Emmeline Kate (considered this myself, and still might use it as a second middle--I quite like Emmeline Poppy Kate!)
    Emmeline Hope
    Emmeline Joy (very sweet!)
    Emmeline Grace (meh, Grace is often seen as a filler MN, but since it's my grandmother's MN, I rarely see it as so. With no significance, though, it might seem kind of trite and blah, though)
    Emmeline Fleur (so French! I love it!)
    Emmeline Tess
    Emmeline Pearl
    Emmeline Eve
    Emmeline June
    Emmeline Bay
    Emmeline Greer/Emmeline Grier (Grier is one unisex name I absolutely adore--I think Emmeline Grier is fab!)
    Emmeline Ruth/Emmeline Rue

    I think Emmeline Johanna would be a beautiful combo, too, although it doesn't really seem to fit anything you're looking for.

    Good luck!
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