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    Thank you all for your responses! Well, they weren't quite as negative as I thought they would be, which is a plus. I love that the majority of people think it's one that should stay with the boys, personally I think you are on the money!

    We aren't set on the middle name, and I understand why some people who have never heard of Banjo Patterson would think it was truly odd, but the description on Nameberry talks about Banjo Patterson, so it mustn't be completely out there.

    We are not really into any of the other names that have been suggested, Emerson is it at the moment!

    Quote Originally Posted by whirligig View Post
    I don't think you can take my honesty but just no. Rethink, refresh your mind.
    I would really like to know the reason behind you comment, I can take it. I am in no way offended, I would just like to understand, you didn't really give a reason for your view.

    Thanks again!

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    I like it. I love Emerson (for a boy!), and no - I wouldn't assume he was named after Ralph Waldo. Emerson has a crisp, friendly, and kind feel to it. Banjo is meaningful, whimsical, and fun, making it the perfect choice for the middle spot. I'd be pretty tickled to meet a little guy called Emerson Banjo.

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    Emerson is a great name, and yes, people who know your style might associate that with the author. It's certainly masculine, and a really solid choice.

    Banjo, while I hear the significance to you, sounds really funny to my ears. Anyone who doesn't know who your original Banjo is channeling will think it's bizarre. I know I did... I'd go with Wilde instead.

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    Emerson is fine. But I hate Banjo. Yuck.

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    I like Emerson a lot, what about Emerson Wilde!
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