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    Emerson is too girly because of the nickname Emmy. Since Banjo has significance to you, you should use it. But go with a more masculine first name. :-)

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    I like Emerson. The only Emerson I know is a boy, so it's a boys name to me. It's rather rare, and I actually think that's probably how it works, your son would probably be the only Emerson most people knew, so Emerson would be a boys name to them. Done. Also don't think the Ralph Waldo Emerson bit is a big deal. It's not the kind of name that's so off the beaten track you assume it must be after the author. Kipling, definitely brings up the author. Emerson, eh. Not as much.

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    Totally agree that Emerson is a boy's name. Someone on another thread mentioned how strange it is that anyone would give a girl a name ending on "-son" and I have always felt this way, too. If you want your girl to be called Emma or Emmy, then name her Emma or Emily or Emilia! I do prefer Emerson Wilde to Emerson Banjo, but I like the literary connection with Banjo. I think either would be fine.
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    I like Emerson fine, but I really don't like Banjo as a name. However, since you will probably never use it, I'm not sure the middle name matters much. I would be prepared with a good nickname for Emerson, since it is sort of a mouthful and you probably want to already have an idea to avoid Em, which sounds girly
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    Although I do find Emerson to be masculine, I also think unisex names are a bit difficult. All it takes is for one movie star or politician to have a daughter named Emerson, and it could become 100% girl. I would also assume you like Emerson, the author... what about Langston, Thoreau, Chaucer, Whitman, Burns, etc.?
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