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    I love Emerson, and it works well with Banjo. I think it's a great combo.

    As for Ralph Waldo, he does come to my mind as an Emerson association, but I wouldn't assume any Emerson I met was named in his honor.
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    Jack must be a very well-behaved child.

    I like Emerson Banjo, but yes I did first assume you liked RWE. I'm rooting for Rudyard or Kipling instead! I've really grown to like Banjo since I learned about him.

    I think Emerson on a boy in Aus is still great, but it is softer than Jack and Archer. What about Everest or Emerick to suit their masculine names?

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    What about Emmett instead if Emerson, since you said you don't particularly want a unisex name? Plus, I DO think people will assume Ralph Waldo Emerson based on your naming theme (but, that would only be people who know all of your kids' full names - not sure how big a deal that is). Banjo is a little out there, but it's not completely unheard of and it's just a middle name. If you love it, use it. I personally prefer Kipling or Wilde, though.

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    Kipling is a really cool name.. I would go with that

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    Emerson is not a unisex name; it's a boys name. I really like it. Not crazy about Banjo, however. Emerson Wilde is much better. Also, if you want to use Kipling after Rudyard, bear in mind that for a lot of people (like myself) the first thing that comes to mind is his zealous, racist colonialism. Not the best association.
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