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    Please be honest, I think I can take it!

    What do you think of our front runner for a baby boy... Emerson Banjo? I don't feel like it is going to be received well, but I am putting it out there to be judged, so give it to me straight

    Emerson really wasn't what I was looking for, I'm not even sure that it fits with our other children's names, but I just love it, and miraculously my husband agrees with me! I don't love that it is unisex, but there were 8 baby boys and 14 baby girls named Emerson in my state (Victoria, Australia), last year so I don't think it has completely gone to the girls just yet!

    Banjo is after the Australian poet Banjo Patterson, our older children all have middle names for our favourite literary icons, so Banjo works. However we are open to other middle names, some that we were thinking of are Christopher, Kipling, and Wilde.

    I only have one niggling issue with this combo, will people assume, with knowledge of our middle name pattern, that Emerson is named after Ralph Waldo Emerson? I really hope not because I am not a fan of any of his work, what do you think?



    P.S. Before anyone mentions it, we know about Emerson and Tennyson rhyming and both being -son names, but it really doesn't bother us, we never use Jack's middle name.
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