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    I don't think you can take my honesty but just no. Rethink, refresh your mind.

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    I like it! I think Banko in the middle is perfect and the fact it has meaning to you makes it even better. At first I wasn't sure because Emmerson and Banjo have totally different feels but how much do we say "this is my child Emmerson Banko" to every person you meet. I say go for it!
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    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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    I think it is terrible. Here is why. Emerson is extremely popular with girls now. You don't want your son to share a name with a group of girls. Banjo is out there, but in the middle I could deal with it. I love suggestion Emmett Banjo.

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    When I first saw the combo Emerson Banjo I groaned (hey, you said to be honest! . Then I read your post and reconsidered. If it is a name you both love and means something to you, then go for it! Emerson is all-boy for me as I find "son" names quite ridiculous on a girl (with the exception of Allison). Your fellow Aussie, actress Rachel Griffiths has a son named Banjo Patrick so I knew about that name.
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    I LOVE this name! It sounds great together!
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