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    Story characters name trouble

    Hello everyone,
    I have so many ideas for the story I am writing, but I just can't come up with good character names..
    The story is about an 11 year old girl (character 1) who suffers from OCD. She is very intelligent, perfectionistic and into photography. She has lots of freckles, hazel eyes, blonde hair. Her last name is going to be Hayes, I was thinking of the first name Chloe for her. The main character has two older sisters and one older brother. Her oldest sister (character 2) is very rebellious, confident, artistic and outspoken. She died her hair brown and has hazel eyes. I was thinking of the names Zoey, Aria, Lola or Eliza for her. Her brother (character 3), is confident, sporty, intelligent and just the perfect child, I was thinking of Tobias or Conor for him. Her other sister (character 4), is very popular, social and sporty. She has wavy blonde hair and deep brown eyes, she is very pretty. I was thinking of these names for her: Audrey, Isis or Eden. There happens something terrible to character 4 which changes the life of this whole family.

    Please tell me what you think of the names and you can also give some other suggestions
    Thank you!

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    Chloe, Eliza, Connor, and Audrey. These are the only ones that sound remotely like siblings.

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    I agree that Audrey is the only one that makes since for character 4, because it is the only one that is common enough to match the other options. But I don't like that name for that character, a) because I know someone named Audrey, and she is nothing like the character you describe, which makes me biased. b) because the other 2 are a lot prettier and more unusual, and I like unusual more. I like both Isis and Eden, but I like Eden more for your character. Maybe the name could be Audrey, and Eden could be a nickname. Aubrey is another option.
    So, considering that, here are my ideas:
    1: Chloe is a fine name for this character, in my opinion
    2: I like Zoey for the character, but Chloe and Zoey would not work, so Aria is my second option.
    3: Tobias. Definitely.
    4: Audrey nn Eden
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    I'd go for:

    Chloe, Lola, Toby and Eden.

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    #1 - Chloe Hayes is fine.

    #2 - I wouldn't use Zoey for obvious reasons. Lola I still think is a bit close with the Chlo and Lo starts to the name, even though they end differently. Eliza Hayes would be my pick.

    #3 - I try to avoid key characters with the same initials unless necessary, I've heard it's meant to make it more difficult to read if you do. As much as I like Conor Hayes better in the sibset, I think Chloe and Conor is too much in the family. Tobias is a bit posh in comparison though - I'd go with just Toby Hayes.

    #4 - I don't think any of these names work, tbh. Eden just is completely different in style, as is Isis, and Audrey I find really dated. How about Isla instead of Isis, Evelyn nn Evie instead of Eden, or Ava instead of Audrey?

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