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    I think Emerson can be used a boy no problem. Harper is such a girl's name in my mind now that I would be shocked to meet a boy named Harper.

    We LOVED the name Quinn for our little boy and we did a random poll of people we know from all over to get their thoughts on it boy vs. girl without revealing our intentions for the name. No one thought it could be used for a boy's name. And that naming trend is currently 50/50, but a few years ago it wasn't even close to that, it swung for the boys much more. So I see it falling the way of Ashley soon. So look at the past naming trend for boys and girls and think of the future of the name, not just the current popularity. Maybe some names are trending down for girls.

    It was put to me this way that made me decide we couldn't use Quinn, "Would you mind if most other Quinn's he meets in his life are girls?"

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    I would absolutely feel sorry for a GIRL named Emerson. On a boy, however, it's strong and versatile. Use it!
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    I have mixed feelings about using a unisex name, as you just have no idea which way the name will go in the future (my brother's name went from boy to girl to unisex and now back to being mostly boy). A single movie star or politician naming their daughter that name could make it entirely girl... in which case it can just become bothersome. So if you really wanted to use it, I'd use a traditional, masculine mn as a plan B.
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    I only feel bad for children with horribly spelled names

    My top boy names (Shea, Ashley & Jade) and my mom's top choices for her future grandsons (Kendal & Eden) are deemed too girly by many but that's their hangup. I've known several guys with "girly" names and they've made it through life just fine. Nothing to feel bad about.

    And today's kids have very diverse names so a boy Emerson or Harper will have it a lot easier than the boys you grew up with. Remember that popularity is relative. I've never met a Harper or Emerson and I've worked and volunteered in daycares. In my state last year there were 270 baby girls named Harper but there were over 200,000 babies born. The names ranked #1 for boy and girls were given to less than 1% of newborns

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    I think where there is even a question of this type of thing, don't do it. Do you want your son to share a trendy/popular name with a bunch of girls? If I were a boy, I sure wouldn't want to. All these you listed, except Quinn, feel very feminine to me.

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