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    Would You Feel Bad for a Boy Named...?

    My husband and I have started talking about names for our yet to be, but hopefully soon to be conceived, child/ren. For a boy we are drawn to several andro, surname type names. The trouble, I fear is that our favorites are much more popular for girls than they are for boys. I worry that if they they skew too girly they would be a burden for a boy to wear. To give you an idea of my thinking, Avery, Cameron and Quinn are a little girly (in my mind) but still not a big deal for a boy to pull off. On the other hand Ashley, Madison and Kendall feel (to me) feminine enough that they would be troublesome for a boy. What do you think of the usability, for a boy, of these names:

    Emerson - The -son ending makes it more masculine and Most girl Emersons are probably going by Emmy or Emme or Emma, right? or am I wrong?
    Harper - I ADORE the image of this on a little boy, but I once heard someone refer to it as the new Ashley...I knew a boy naked Ashley in the 90s and I felt bad for him. If you met a little boy named Harper, what would your reaction be, would you feel bad for him?

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    Although Emerson initially sounded masculine to me, I immediately think of the name Emmy as a nickname now. As for Harper, even though I've only ever heard it on a girl, it sounds like it should strictly be for boys in my opinion. I think Harper could definitely work for a boy.

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    I think Emerson would be more usable for a boy than Harper. Harper is pretty much all girl now.

    Also, I will never understand the use of -son names on girls. They literally mean "son of _____". It's just weird.

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    I agree with above about Emerson.

    Harper could be cute on a boy but it is very popular on a girl so you'd have to be prepared for him being the only boy with 2/3 girls with the same name.

    I think Ashley is one of those names that is popular for each gender. Ashley in my opinion is a boy (my cousin is called Ashley and he was born in the 90s), Ashleigh/Ashei/Ashlee/Ashlea are girls names variations.

    Cameron Iv only ever know. As a surname or as a boys name I don't know many Cameron's as girls.

    Madison and Kendall to me are both girls names.

    Quinn - is a unisex name. See Harper.

    Avery - is a also a a unisex name. But I think it's more towards girls than boys.

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    Yes, I also knew a boy Ashley in the 90's and felt bad for him. So I feel for you but if the name is currently trending heavily for girls it is pretty burdensome. However, I'm really loving the idea of little boys named Ashley and Whitney now! Maybe I'm the cruel one...

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