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    Names that give the nickname Beca?

    Hey guys!

    I LOVE the name Beca (like Becca) but it doesn't sound like a full name and I know that if I ever used it, people would assume it was a nickname - which, I guess, is what it started out as anyway. I know that Beca is a nickname for Rebecca, but I HATE Rebecca. Is there any other name that can give the nickname Beca?

    I don't like the 'classic' names like Rebecca, Charlotte, Victoria etc. (for a first name at least). Some of my favourite first names on my list are Mackenzie, Aria, Clara, Alaska, Marlowe, Lily, Leah and Esme...yeah, bit of a difference in styles.

    Can anybody help me find a name that I can use the nickname Beca for? And what would you think if you met a girl whose actual name was just Beca?


    P.S. I'm not actually pregnant or planning or anything, I just adore names and lists

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    Tribeca, Beonca, Bianca (stretch), Boudicca...
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Is there a particular reason you want it spelled Beca? I've only seen it that way once, in the movie Pitch Perfect, and I remember thinking it seemed made up. You may be faced with people mispronouncing it "Bee-kuh" or "Bay-kuh", since it's usually spelled Becca or Bekah.

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    I agree with @elisabeth rae in regard to spelling. I think Becca looks much more attractive, but I know I'm biased--Rebecca nn Becca is my sister's name, and I think it suits her really well--and I really like it.

    I think Bianca nn Becca is a cute idea. My only thought was Beckett, nn Becca, but suggesting Beckett on a girl pains me.

    When I think of Becca, I think of my sister--smart, driven, determined, someone who loves to stick her nose in a book just as much as she loves being a social butterfly, happy, confident, strong, but maybe a bit shy until you get to know her. But with (an innocent) wild side that can take you by surprise (but it shouldn't. Oh, it shouldn't. You'd think after 21 years, I'd be used to the wild side by now...). Becca reminds me of sunshine and daisies and hummingbirds. Honestly, Becca's pretty much my best friend, so I have a really good image of it.

    However, I think some people would wonder if you were Spanish/were trying to honor someone Spanish, since Rebeca is the Spanish spelling of Rebecca/Rebekah.
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    I have a friend who's Rebecca nn Beca - just the one C, as she likes the look of it better. I'm used to seeing that spelling now, as she's been going by it for all the time I've known her, which is 8 or so years, and the only other time I've seen that spelling is Pitch Perfect. She's had to say "Beca with one C" quite a bit but it just suits her and I can't think of her as going by Becca now at all, it's like it's a whole other name. It took a while for me to try and remember to spell it like that when I first knew her, as all the other Rebeccas I know go by Becca or Becky, she's the anomaly.

    I agree with Ashthedreamer in that Beckett nn Beca is the only idea that isn't a stretch, though I don't like Beckett on a girl either. Or Beckford, which is another surname name, though again it's pretty masculine sounding. Though if you like Mackenzie and Marlowe...

    My only other thought would be to make it a double name nickname - Bethany Caroline, for example, or Bella Cadence, or whatever names fit your style.

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