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    I figure Mr A will be big enough to look after himself. Sink or swim, survival of the fittest, etc.

    More seriously, we have no family within 2000 miles, but my parents-in-law will come before the birth and look after Antoine (who will be 21 months old). I firmly believe hospitals are not good places for small healthy children so if we're discharged the next day as per routine, I'll introduce him to his baby sister at home. If for some reason I stay longer, I'd consider asking the in-laws to bring him for a very short visit, but honestly I'll be recovering myself, the new baby will be recovering, and it's probably just best to wait till home. I think.
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    We are having a homebirth and my daughter will be present. The teenage daughters of my doula will be there to be a "sibling doula" for her and to keep her occupied during the labor and then she will be there when the baby is actually born. We may even have her help Daddy cut the cord. She's 4 and this is something she will totally be able to handle (knowing her personality). I know some people have a problem with siblings being present at birth, but this is a big event in her life, too, and I think it's important that she be there.

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    I was lucky enough to only live 30 minutes from my mom when my second child was born. She and my daughter (who was 15 months) were both in the room when my son was born. I think it was a very special moment. as soon as he was born my daughter smiled and said his name.
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    I'm on my 4th. With my 2nd, my eldest went to stay at his grans. I wouldn't have wanted to have him see me in labour. He saw me in the hospital after I had an appendectomy and he was really upset and scared at how out of it I was after the op. To see me making lots of weird noises and obviously in pain would really upset him.

    With my 3rd, the boys were with me at home while I was in early labour which is fine as I just walk around a bit and look uncomfortable. But we had just moved to Finland and had no friends or family who could watch the boys, so we had to take them to hospital. They stayed in a family room down the hall, watching videos and playing with their toys. But my OH had to run back and forth between their room and mine and it was very stressful for us all. I didn't like being left on my own with midwives who didn't speak English well, out of my mind on gas and air. And the boys were only 3 and 2 so couldn't be left for long time on their own either. Luckily I was only in labour at the hosptial for less than 2 hours, so it wasn't too bad, but I did get really scared at one point when the monitor fell of the baby's head and the monitor's alarms went nuts and I couldn't understand what was going on. Not something I'm keen to repeat.

    This pregnancy I'm hoping mum will come and stay with us before the baby comes. I've also arranged with a friend to come and watch the 3 of them if I go into labour when my mum isn't here. She will watch them at our house until my OH can come back which hopefully won't be too long as I tend to have quick labours.
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    When I had Annabelle, my sister came and stayed with Elizabeth at our house for the day. I had a c-section and was in hospital for 5 days. The first night Elizabeth stayed with my Mum. My Mum bought Elizabeth to visit us on the second day we were there. She was only there for 15 minutes (we planned it that way) and when she left my husband went home with her and spent the afternoon/evening with her. The same thing the next day. On the day I went home she slept at my Mum's house but came home the next morning. We then just continued on like normal (well as normal as possible with a newborn who screamed 18 hours a day!). I felt like it was important for Elizabeth for her to be home as we adjusted to having a new baby in the house because she had adjusting to do too. We tried to keep her night time routine as normal as possible because let's face it adults understand what it means to bring a baby home from the hospital but a little person who has never had to share Mum and Dad has a lot more adjusting to do.

    Maybe if it's an option for you, someone could come and stay at your house with your son while you are in hospital?
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