View Poll Results: Which middle for Iris Ophelia's sister Aurelia?

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  • Aurelia Lyons

    19 38.00%
  • Aurelia Celandine

    12 24.00%
  • Aurelia Nimue

    19 38.00%
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    I like the contrast between the sweetness of Aurelia and the brevity of Lyons, whereas your other possible middles are rather similar in sound and syllable to the first. Also think it is nice to have a family name where it can fit!

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    Aurelia Nimue is stunning. The other two are lovely as well, but that one has my vote!
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    I am a bit biased in voting for Aurelia Nimue, because I love Arthurian mythology. My 2nd choice would be Lyons, however. Just to clarify, what pronunciation of Nimue are you going with? I'm most familiar with NIHM-oo-ay.

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    Definitely Nim-oo-ay Taliawhat
    Long time name lover...

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