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    Your last name is. Garrison
    His name is Nicholas Wayne
    His career is lawyer
    Your name is Larissa Mishell
    Your career is nurse.
    You live in Phoenix.

    On your one year anniversary you and your husband decide to start a family. Immediately you know you want to adopt your children so you start researching different agencies.

    After one year, you find the perfect little one to adopt from Italy. He is 2 months old.
    DS: Fabin Alessandro

    It takes two more years to set up your next adoption, but when you meet your newest 9 month old addition from Japan, you couldn't be happier.
    DS: Kenji Naruto

    Nine months go by and you long to have another little one running around. Not long after you find a newborn from Brazil that is a perfect match!
    DD: Sophia Beatriz

    Three years pass by quickly, but you are ready to give your children another sibling. You fall in love with a 6 month old from Ireland and two months later you bring her home.
    DD: Maeve Colleen

    One year after adopting your last child, the agency calls looking for a family to adopt a 2 month old that was abandoned at their embassy in the Netherlands. You and your husband don't hesitate.
    DS: Ruben Bram

    Two years go by before you decide to add another member to your family. You are matched with a 8 month old from France.
    DD: Veronique Abrielle

    One year later you and your husband to adopt one final child. This time, a one month old baby from Greece.
    DD: Calliope Lotus

    A month after brought home your daughter/son from Greece you found out you were expecting a child!
    DS: Fletcher Atticus

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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