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    Your last name is... Stark
    His name is... Alex Elias
    His career is... Cardiac surgeon
    Your name is... Avri Cruzre
    Your career is... Mechatronical engineer
    You live in... New York City

    1. Bella Victorie - girl from Italy
    2. Cho Takara - girl from Japan
    3. Antonio Eduardo - boy from Brazil
    4. Keira Aoife - girl from Ireland
    5. Fleur Lotte - girl from Netherlands
    6. Sebastian Pierre - boy from France
    7. Nyx Athena - girl from Greece
    8. Anna Reese - biological girl

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    Your last name is Anderson
    His name is Dexter Ivan
    His career is Architect
    Your name is Riley Elizabeth
    Your career is Actress
    You live in Las Vegas, Nevada

    On your one year anniversary you and your husband decide to start a family. Immediately you know you want to adopt your children so you start researching different agencies.

    Virtual Coin Toss

    Adoption #1: ITALY
    After one year, you find the perfect little one to adopt from Italy. He is 2 months old. - Nico Fabian Anderson

    Adoption #2: JAPAN
    It takes two more years to set up your next adoption, but when you meet your newest 9 month old addition from Japan, you couldn't be happier. - Tomi Kenshin Anderson

    Adoption #3: BRAZIL
    Nine months go by and you long to have another little one running around. Not long after you find a newborn from Brazil that is a perfect match! - Miguel Lorenzo Anderson

    Adoption #4: IRELAND
    Three years pass by quickly, but you are ready to give your children another sibling. You fall in love with a 6 month old from Ireland and two months later you bring her home. - Moira Aisling Anderson

    Adoption #5: NETHERLANDS
    One year after adopting your last child, the agency calls looking for a family to adopt a 2 month old that was abandoned at their embassy in the Netherlands. You and your husband don't hesitate. - Ruben Hugo Anderson

    Adoption #6: FRANCE
    Two years go by before you decide to add another member to your family. You are matched with a 8 month old from France. - Olivier Sebastian Anderson

    Adoption #7: GREECE
    One year later you and your husband to adopt one final child. This time, a one month old baby from Greece. - Leon Silas Anderson

    Birth #1:
    Surprise!! A month after brought home your daughter/son from Greece you found out you were expecting a child!

    Name - Chloe Maya Anderson

    The Anderson's
    Riley & Dex
    Nico, Tomi, Miguel, Moira, Ruben, Olivier, Leon & Chloe

    Ida Winifred ☼ Freya Altalune ☼ Una Severine
    Zinnia Raven ☼ Yara Sunflower ☼ Saskia Rue ☼ Leda Garland ☼ Gaia Esme ☼ Junia Eden ☼ Helene Tulia
    Roman Makhi ☼ Dorian Everett ☼ Holden Ezra
    Sven Ruben ☼ Lars Jarek ☼ Iker Dante ☼ Luca Mattias ☼ Bastian Arrow ☼ Aslan Jens ☼Julian Saturn ☼ Yannick Florian

    On my mind: Lina ☼ Eva ☼ Lucia ☼ Indigo ☼ Venice ☼ Verona

    Whole list:

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    Your last name is Jones
    His name is Harold Emerson
    His career is vet
    Your name is Susannah Joy
    Your career is architect
    You live in Seattle

    The kids:

    1. Angelina Bella (from Italy)
    2. Kenji Akito (Japan)
    3. Andre Lorenzo (Brazil)
    4. Saoirse Niamh (Ireland)
    5. Liv Doutzen (Netherlands)
    6. Fleur Genevieve (France)
    7. Xander Pollux (Greece)
    8. Cordelia Allexandrine

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    You and your husband meet in college and after you both graduate and get your dream jobs, you are married. He is 24 and you are 23. You decide to buy a large house in Dublin because you both want a large family!

    DH: Jesse August Hall, artist
    DW: Elsie Rosaline Hall, writer

    DD: Lucia Italia
    DS: Hiroaki Yuki
    DS: Diego Enzo
    DD: Saoirse Nessa
    DD: Luna Fleur
    DD: Rosalie Genevieve
    DS: Theo Leander
    DS: Henry Carlisle

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    Your last name is Harper
    His name is Cameron Joseph
    His career is Author
    Your name is Lily Geogeanna
    Your career is Editor.
    You live in Boston.

    On your one year anniversary you and your husband decide to start a family. Immediately you know you want to adopt your children so you start researching different agencies.

    Virtual Coin Toss

    Adoption #1: Sienna Leonora

    Adoption #2: Hana Mai

    Adoption #3: Diego Antonio

    Adoption #4: Eileen Florence

    Adoption #5: Fabian Sander

    Adoption #6: Noel Sebastian

    Adoption #7: Penelope Aridne

    Birth #1: Patrick James

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