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    You and your husband meet in college and after you both graduate and get your dream jobs, you are married. He is 24 and you are 23. You decide to buy a large house in (city of your choice) because you both want a large family!

    Your last name is... Morrison
    His name is... Calvin Reid (Cal)
    His career is... Producer
    Your name is... Juliet Claire
    Your career is...Aesthetician
    You live in...Los Angeles

    On your one year anniversary you and your husband decide to start a family. Immediately you know you want to adopt your children so you start researching different agencies.

    Adoption #1: ITALY
    After one year, you find the perfect little one to adopt from Italy. He/she is 2 months old.
    Heads- Girl

    Bella Victorie

    Adoption #2: JAPAN
    It takes two more years to set up your next adoption, but when you meet your newest 9 month old addition from Japan, you couldn't be happier.
    Tails- Girl

    Hiroko Takara- Hiro

    Adoption #3: BRAZIL
    Nine months go by and you long to have another little one running around. Not long after you find a newborn from Brazil that is a perfect match!
    Heads- Girl

    Juliana Raquel

    Adoption #4: IRELAND
    Three years pass by quickly, but you are ready to give your children another sibling. You fall in love with a 6 month old from Ireland and two months later you bring him/her home.
    Heads- Boy

    Finnigan Patrick- Finn

    Adoption #5: NETHERLANDS
    One year after adopting your last child, the agency calls looking for a family to adopt a 2 month old that was abandoned at their embassy in the Netherlands. You and your husband don't hesitate.
    Tails- Boy

    Bastian Storm

    Adoption #6: FRANCE
    Two years go by before you decide to add another member to your family. You are matched with a 8 month old from France.
    Heads- Boy

    Lucien Ambroise

    Adoption #7: GREECE
    One year later you and your husband to adopt one final child. This time, a one month old baby from Greece.
    Tails- Boy

    Theo Alexander

    Birth #1:
    Surprise!! A month after brought home your daughter/son from Greece you found out you were expecting a child!
    Tails- Girl

    Rosalie Jane

    The Morrison Family
    Calvin Reid and Juliet Claire
    Bella Victorie
    Hiroko Takara- Hiro
    Juliana Raquel
    Finnigan Patrick- Finn
    Bastian Storm- Bas
    Lucien Ambrose
    Theo Alexander
    Rosalie Jane- Rosie

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    Adoption 1: Italy
    DD: Angelina Cara

    Adoption 2: Japan
    DS: Ren Kaemon

    Adoption 3: Brazil
    DS: Matheus Caio

    Adoption 4: Ireland
    DD: Cassidy Maeve

    Adoption 5: Netherlands
    DD: Eleanora Fay

    Adoption 6: France
    DD: Noelle Dior

    Adoption 7: Greece
    DD: Junia Kloe

    DS: Isaac Rhys

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    Didn't want to do the story part...
    Italy: Alessia Leonora *Essie*
    Japan: Nori Daichi
    Brazil: Yasmin Valentina Maria *Min*
    Ireland: Callum Brian
    Netherlands: Luna Anouk
    France: Noelle Jolie Dior *Ellie*
    Greece: Olympia Lotus Nyx
    Marigold Fiona Iris
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    Miami, FL
    Around the World- Family of 10

    Your last name is... Yost
    His name is... Nathan
    His career is... High School Teacher
    Your name is... Katie
    Your career is... Ultrasound Technician
    You live in... Chicago, IL

    On your one year anniversary you and your husband decide to start a family. Immediately you know you want to adopt your children so you start researching different agencies.

    1, Italy: Leonardo Luca *Leo*
    2, Japan: Saya Mai
    3, Brazil: Lívia Isadora
    4, Ireland: Siobhan Aoife
    5, Netherlands: Luna Sanne
    6, France: Aurelie Genevieve
    7, Greece: Apollo Demetrei
    8, Biological: Graison Cash

    Leo, Saya, Lívia, Siobhan, Luna, Aurelie, Apollo & Jude

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