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    Feelings on Clementine?

    My SO and I agree on very few names, but one we can semi-agree on is Clementine. It's one of those names we both have good feelings about, but neither of us are totally sold on.

    So my questions are: Does the Oh My Darlin' song ring too loudly still, or is it swinging too hipster now?

    What middle names would you pair with it? (I like feminine names, and think the middle spot is a good place for creativity.)

    And is there a better nickname than Clem?!
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    I really like Clementine (though the frilly little girl in my likes Clementina a bit more.) Though I was raised with the Oh My Darlin' song, it doesn't ring too loudly. The name is mainstream, but not popular.
    For a middle name I think something short would work best. A few ideas:
    Clementine Mary
    Clementine Rose
    Clementine Alice
    Clementine Vera
    Clementine Helen
    Clementine Freya
    Clementine Flora

    I don't like Clem either- it's not that attractive to me! But there are the possible nickname Emmy, Lem (like lemon), or Mimi.
    Hope that helps!

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    Love. I do associate it with "My Darlin'" but that's positive for me. Possible middles:

    Wilomena (This may be too much depending on your last name)

    As for nicknames:

    Cline (Not very plausible)
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    loooove Clementine for a girl, on our list for our bub so I must congratulate you on your great taste. LOL.
    It doesn't really remind me of the song...Also not loving Clem for nickname, so were thinking we might nickname her Cleo.....
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    Though it is a little more hip than I'd prefer at this point, I still think Clementine is a great name--sunshiny with a quirky, old-fashioned charm. I don't think the connection to the song would be anywhere near a deal breaker for me
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