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    1. Benedict Nathaniel
    2. Nathaniel Benedict
    3. Nathaniel Bennett
    4. Bennett Nathaniel
    5. Nathan Benedict
    6. Nathan Bennett

    I prefer Nathaniel and Bennett, but they just don't sound quite right to me. Benedict Nathaniel has the right flow and feel to it. It is not common, but still familiar. Strong and soft at the same time. The two names pair well.
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    I prefer Nathan to Nathaniel, and I have no preference between Bennett and Benedict. If you're honouring two people in one name, I'd either stick to the orignal names (Nathan Benedict/Benedict Nathan) or use both variant names (Nathaniel Bennett/Bennett Nathaniel). It might seem like a slight to one side of the family if you use the full name of one and a variant of the other, like you were preferring one over the other or something.

    Out of those four, I like Nathan Benedict best, followed by Benedict Nathan. I just think Bennett and Nathaniel don't really go all that well together in either order.

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    Benedict is definitely the most interesting name of the bunch. From your combos I'd pick Benedict Nathaniel, even though Benedict Nathan flows better IMO.
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    Hm, this is actually difficult. I adore Nathaniel, but I've never been personally fond of Nathan. As for Benedict/Bennett, I prefer Benedict. That said, I think Nathaniel Bennett sounds better than Nathaniel Benedict. Nathan Benedict also has a great ring to it, and I like how both names more accurately reflect your family names.

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    Nathaniel Benedict
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    If your ln is what I think it is, there was this guy... Not a bad thing, but just for your reference
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    Nathaniel Benedict is my favorite. It's very distinguished. I prefer Nathaniel over Nathan and Benedict over Bennett.

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