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Thread: Top 10 :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddylavyre View Post
    My favorites are constantly changing, but I would like to get some kind of rank in them. So please number these by preference also opinions or suggestions would be great.

    Charlotte Magnolia
    Violet Fiona
    Annabel Heather
    Ivy Louisa
    Ruby Seraphina
    Lillian Maeva
    Grace (suggestions for middle name?)
    Olivia Rosalind
    Mila Poppy
    Vivienne Honor
    1.Charlotte Magnolia
    2.Olivia Rosalind
    3.Ivy Louisa
    4.Ruby Seraphina
    5.Vivienne Honor
    5.Lillian Maeva (or did you mean Maeve?)
    6.Annabel Heather
    7.Mila Poppy
    8.Violet Fiona

    As for Grace middle names how about

    Grace Gwendolyn
    Grace Evangeline
    Grace Aurora
    Grace Penelope
    Grace Luciana
    Grace Liliana
    Grace Felicity
    Grace Charlotte
    Grace Isabella
    Grace Camilla
    Grace Delilah
    Grace Lavinia

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    Grace Allegra sounds nice to me.

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    1. Ivy Louisa - classic and vintage
    2. Olivia Rosalind - great mix of popular and rare Shakespearean classics
    3. Vivienne Honor - I love Honor as a mn
    4. Ruby Seraphina - lovely but I prefer Seraphina Ruby
    5. Violet Fiona - quirky and I like the repeated "io"
    6. Lillian Maeva -very sweet but I slightly prefer Maeva Lillian or Liliana Maeve
    7. Mila Poppy - cute and energetic, but a little flimsy
    8. Grace _______ - I like Grace but only with a longer, more unusual middle
    9. Charlotte Magnolia - Magnolia adds a bit of spark to Charlotte
    10. Annabel Heather - I really like Annabel and Heather is sweet but I don't like them together. Annabel Poppy, Annabel Juniper, Annabel Daisy, Annabel Primrose?

    Sorry for repeats:
    Grace Honora
    Grace Juniper
    Grace Matilda
    Grace Rosamund
    Grace Estella
    Grace Anastasia
    Grace Philippa
    Grace Theodora
    Grace Eloisa
    Grace Agatha
    Celia Constance ☩ Viola Hermione ☩ Demelza Katherine
    Jago Cillian ☩ Caspian Francis ☩ Raphael Richard

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