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Thread: Top 10 :)

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    Maddox (Max) James 08.31.13.

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    Charlotte Magnolia
    Vivienne Honor
    Olivia Rosalind
    Grace (suggestions for middle name?)
    Annabel Heather

    Violet Fiona - Fiona just seems odd next to Violet to me
    Ivy Louisa - I just don't like Ivy
    Ruby Seraphina - Ruby and Seraphina seem odd next to one another
    Lillian Maeva
    Mila Poppy

    I would prefer Violet Seraphina and Ruby Louisa
    I like the suggestions of Grace Penelope, Grace Emmeline and Grace Evangeline
    Lilla Clare (7) Vivienne Grace (5) Tess Magnolia (2)
    Josette Eloise due April 2018

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    Lovely names!

    1. Charlotte Magnolia - sounds like such a sweet southern belle!
    2. Violet Fiona - These just complement each other perfectly!
    3. Grace - I just love Grace! I think she sound best with a longer MN Grace Anastasia, Grace Magdalena, Grace Eleanor, Grace Penelope?
    4. Ruby Seraphina - Seraphina is such a red name for me so I love it with Ruby.
    5. Olivia Rosalind - The image I get from this is just gorgeous! Olivia is a bit overused but Rosalind spices her up a bit
    6. Vivienne Honor - Love Vivienne, Honor reads a little masculine to me but they pair well.
    7. Lillian Maeva - I think Lillian Maeve would flow better but Maeva is a very fresh and underused choice.
    8. Ivy Louisa - I want to love but Beyonce and Jay Z just killed took away all Ivy's sparkle to me, both names are lovely though!
    9. Mila Poppy - I love both names but together it just comes of as overly cutesy to me but that could just be me.
    10. Annabel Heather - Annabel is sweet but bel/belle names are feeling tired to me and I absolutely despise the name Heather!

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    1. Vivienne Honor (love both names)
    2. Charlotte Magnolia (love both names)
    3. Violet Fiona (love violet)
    4. Ivy Louisa (love ivy)
    5. Ruby Seraphina (love ruby)
    6. Lillian Maeva (like lillian)
    7. Olivia Rosalind (love rosalind)
    8. Annabel Heather (love heather)
    9. Mila Poppy (like mila and poppy)
    10. Grace (too popular)

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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