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Thread: Top 10 :)

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    Top 10 :)

    My favorites are constantly changing, but I would like to get some kind of rank in them. So please number these by preference also opinions or suggestions would be great.

    Charlotte Magnolia
    Violet Fiona
    Annabel Heather
    Ivy Louisa
    Ruby Seraphina
    Lillian Maeva
    Grace (suggestions for middle name?)
    Olivia Rosalind
    Mila Poppy
    Vivienne Honor
    Charlotte - Louise - Violet - Francesca - Annabel - Grace - Claire - Vera - Winter 💕

    Alice - Jane - Lily - Vivienne - Melrose 🎀

    Henry - Laine - Theo - Finn - Ezra ❤️

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    1. Vivienne Honor- this is a great combo, even though I prefer the Vivian spelling.
    2. Ivy Louisa- also great. My love of the original Honor in the middle wins over Ivy and Louisa.
    3. Ruby Seraphina- love how they sound together.
    4. Annabel Heather- adore this spelling of Annabel, and Heather works really well.
    5. Lillian Maeva- While I love both, I think it's off in flow. Would greatly prefer Lilliana Maeve.
    6. Violet Fiona- a bit off. Still, good combo.
    7. Charlotte Magnolia- something about this feels weird, but I like it well enough.
    8. Grace- refreshing in the first spot, just not a favorite. Possible middles listed below.
    9. Olivia Rosalind- feels like Shakespeare overload. I prefer Rosalind Olive.
    10. Mila Poppy- I really don't like these two together. I don't like the sleek Mila with the cute Poppy. Milena Poppy would be an improvement.

    Possible Grace combos:
    Grace Arabella
    Grace Magnola
    Grace Henrietta
    Grace Evangeline
    Grace Sandrine
    Grace Clementina

    I think you have good taste. Hope this helps!

    Top Girls: Under Construction

    Top Boys: Under Construction

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