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    would initials deter you from a name u love?

    For girls, DH and I agree on 2 names.
    Lorelei, which is our #1 and was going to be our sons name had he been a girl. I want her to have a family name for a MN and Ann is my grandmother and DH's mothers middle name. I love the idea of this but her initials wouldd be LAB. I see this and think labrador or labia. Will she be bullied? The othergirls name we both like is Serafina. Would you let this deter u?
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    I definitely don't think LAB is a bad or teaseworthy set of initials! I would let initials deter me if they spelled something like RAT or PIG or ASS, but LAB is fine, in my opinion. Lorelei is very pretty, and if it's your top choice, you should use it! I also really like Serafina.
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    Nah, I wouldn't worry about it. LAB is fine. I'd hesitate about curses or something like FAT, but that's about it.

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    If the initials spelled like POO or DUM or something it would definitely deter me, but I don't think LAB is that bad. My friend has the initials LAB and him and most of our friends think it's cool.

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    Only "bad words" would stop me. FAT and POO were mentioned above, but I also wouldn't consider BJ. LAB is not bad. (please vote!)

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