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    Christine, my hospital has a free doula service, so you might want to ask around at your hospitals. I haven't utilized the free service, just cause it's not really my thing, but it's nice that they offer it. At my hospital, you have to sign up for a doula by week 26, so you might want to start looking soon. My hospital also has a free "special nurse" service that is similar to a doula, but perhaps a bit less involved. That might be enough assistance for you also. Good luck! And just remember with all of this, no matter what methods, interventions, or medicines you use, the ultimate goal is a healthy baby and a healthy mom. If you accomplish those two things, the birth is a success, and you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about :-)
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    A doula is a great idea. I didn't have one but would consider the idea next time. In fact, I did consider it last time but the cost was a factor for us.

    From the section on cost:

    "This varies greatly dependant on experience, the state the doula is located in and what packages are on offer. A package offering pre and post-natal visits (generally around 2 hours long each) as well as the duration of the birth can cost around $800-$1000 for an experienced doula in most states, but others charge up to $2,000.

    Inexperienced doulas usually charge a much lower fee which can vary from ‘costs only’ (e.g. petrol, travel) to around $250-$300. Most doulas offer reduced rates for those in genuine need. Student doulas who are looking for births to complete their training often have no charge at all. Its a great option for those who are pressed for money or want to help a doula qualify from her training."
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    Also I'm in Western NY and my doula has a phenomenal reputation, has served at over $300 births. We are only paying $400 for her services, but I think that is a pretty average rate for this part of the state. Definitely depends on where you live. I posted another post earlier but it must not have been approved yet. It was a list of suggested books and websites. I'll check back in and see if it got approved, if not I'll post again. But you are absolutely right to be concerned/cautious of induction with pitocin.

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