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    Question C-Sections, inductions, oh my!

    Hey again,

    So as this pregnancy is (very) slowly becoming more and more real, and seeming like it's healthy and going to stick this time, I've started to let my brain wander to the delivery stuff. Not something I've let myself think much about before because I just didn't want to so early on. But I know that there's a LOT to think about so I also don't want to save it all for the last minute!

    So I'm hoping to be able to go the route of a vaginal delivery for my first baby, I'm open to an epidural if I'm even able to get one (have a fused spine so I've heard some say it can't happen, not confirmed yet though). But I really, really don't want any medical intervention in terms of inducing or hurrying along the labor or any of that (unless it's the only option in terms of my life and baby girl's life, of course). I know that you can find c-section statistics for states and hospitals and I've found those, but I'm wondering about specific doctors... How do you find out how often your own OB performs c-sections and/or inductions? Do you just flat out ask during a visit? I'm a bit concerned about getting correct (detailed) information and also about not offending anyone I guess. I like my OB and would prefer to not have to change at this point in the game. So when did you bring these things up with your doctor? I'm only 16 weeks, should I not even be bothering with this stuff yet? Any tips or advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Berries!!!

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