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    Three middle names for Iris?

    We have decided on a name for Avila's baby sister - Iris. Iris Emery-Louise to be specific. It was all perfect until I started having dreams in which her name is Iris Clare! Now I reallllllly want to use Clare but the fiancé is not thrilled at the idea. Emery was the only pick of his and Louise is my mom and grandma's middle names so I can't not use them.

    Is Iris Emery Clare-Louise too much? I don't think so but I'm just in love with the middle name Clare that much now. Her sister is Avila Ireland-Nicole and I didn't pick her middle name at all her father did (Nicole is my mn and he is very very Irish).

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    Honestly it sounds like too much to me and the names don't all go together. Emery and Louise seem so mismatched to be connected. For flow, I prefer Iris Emery-Clare or Iris Clare-Louise. Those sound really nice to me. Iris is beautiful, by the way.
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    I think it's way too much. How about Iris Emery-Clare? That way you both get your pick. I think the flow is better, too.

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    I think it's too much and since your first child only has 2 middles, it's only fair to do the same with the next

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    A lot of little princesses have multiple middle names...I think it's fine.

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