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    I like Frances the best - it has the same vintage flair as Lila. I would prefer Margaret or Marguerite rather than Maggie which is just a nn for me. The other two fuller names would give you more versatility when she matures. Emilia is pretty but it looks too similar to Lila. Elodie is beautiful so I think this would be my second choice. Emerson is a complete style change and too boyish so I don't like it for a sister with Lila.
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    I like Elodie. Elodie sounds nicer with Lila.

    I agree with sugarplumfairy on Maggie - Margaret nn Maggie would be nicer. Both Margaret and Emilia are lovely names, but more classic than Lila.

    Frances and Emerson are just NMS. I'd rate Emerson the lowest, because Lila is very feminine in comparison to it.
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    1. Elodie
    2. Emilia
    3. Frances

    Emerson is too masculine, Maggie too nicknamey.

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    My choice is Emilia. I think that it sounds great with Townes, and has some great nn possibilities (Em, Emmy) that Emerson shares, but is much prettier and matches Lila.

    Elodie is cute, but whenever I hear it, I feel like I should be hearing Melody/Melodie.

    Frances is great, but I'm not big on Frankie, especially with Lila

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    I like Emilia and Emerson the best.

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