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    We didn't know the sex ahead of time. We had the boy's list down to two for quite awhile before my due-date (Simon and Oscar) but we really stuggled to narrow the list for girls. This is the list ended up taking to the hospital with us, the first 4 being more likely but the others still possibilities. I had wanted to choose the names ahead of time, but I really did need to meet the baby first.


    Of course, he ended being a boy, so our 6 months struggle with the girl names ended up being superfluous.
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    Both times, we were pretty set with the name before delivery but I had a few names in the back of my head, just in case we needed them.
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    With our first, we had zero names going into the hospital. We couldn't agree on anything. We watched the movie XXX with Vin Diesel while I was in labor and decided on Alexander, nn Xander. For our second, we knew we were naming her after our grandmothers (Madelyn and Esther) so we just had to decide which of those names suited her best. We decided she was Madelyn Esther. For our third, we had three names going into the hospital -- my favorite (Isadora), his favorite (Lorelei), and the one we both agreed on (Genevieve). We went with Genevieve, which just seemed to suit her so much better than the other two.

    This time I would love to commit to a name before baby is born, but my hubby says I'm not capable of it. I change my mind too much. So we will probably take three names to the hospital, or maybe as many as 5. But I wouldn't take more than 5.
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    We were having B/B twins and took 6 names. 3 joint favorites from his list and 3 joint favorites from mine. We also took a list of about 10 girls names we liked just in case (but those were WAY less thought out).
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    We took 1 boy name and 1 girl name. I don't know how it happened, but we agreed on a boy name so easily, we never even considered anything else. Girl names were a little harder, but not much. We both technically picked the same name, but he wanted to use the traditional Irish spelling and I wanted to use an Anglisized spelling. He let me have my pick, since I was the one growing the baby.

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