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    We had two names - Cornelia and Cordelia(funny, I know) by the time our daughter arrived. However, we had a list of four few days before but shortened it just in time.
    She did look like a little Corrie but we couldn't decide whether Cornelia or Cordelia... So we tried different nicknames and saw Nelly suited her even better. Boyfriend reminded me we already knew a Cordelia so we also went with less popular one. I love her name much
    Anyway, I think a top 5 is just fine if you can't say for sure which do you prefer before baby comes. You can always ask somebody at hospital if you are completely stuck - but I bet a berry will never get wrong while looking at her precious little one. Good luck and don't worry about this much.

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    With my daughter, just one. I am not one of those that can look at a baby and think, "She looks like a ____." We took my daughter's name into the hospital with us and we knew that's what it would be no matter how she looked. That said, I know it took some time to get to know her before she "owned" the name. For the first weeks/months, it felt weird calling her by name. I even wondered if we'd made the right choice at all.

    We've now decided on our son's name. When he's born, that will be it. Even if he doesn't "seem" like his name, he'll grow into it and I know eventually we won't be able to think of him as anything else. (And for this one, we won't be taking the name to the hospital at all. He'll be born at home )
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    We knew we were having a girl and the middle name was set (it was a family name and had pretty much been set for months). We took three first names to the hospital, though in all honesty, the name we went with was the one we'd been leaning towards for about a month.

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    We took two names for each boy in when I went in with the twins. Originally we had Fletcher and Leo/Luca but when Roman was born, I didn't like Leo/Luca for him. Troy suggested Roman and it was it. The boys names were Fletcher Drew and Roman Dax.

    This sweet baby girl I'm pregnant with will probably have more names just in case I don't like our first choice like with Roman.

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    We went in with their name chosen with both kids. We started using the name for them as soon as we saw their gender on the ultrasound. I was a little nervous with Mary if she'd ended up being a boy since we weren't in any agreement for boys names.
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