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    We'd decided on our children's names before they arrived, but we'd take in 2 or 3 extra ones incase they didn't suit it. For Reverie, we'd decided on Halycon but she didn't suit it so we looked to our backups and she really suited Reverie so we chose that. Our other children suited our main choices, though.
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    Ah this gives me faith that It wont be too hard to narrow down my list of 5!

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    With my eldest just one! I was 100% sure about her name. With our second we didn't even have a list, we just has a bunch of names we argues about and were even looking at a baby name book in the hospital! In the end my husband agreed the name I loved all along was the right name. I am so not doing that again, so I have decided to take a top 5 with me and we can choose off there.
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    We could barely decide on 1! We had Ramona Mae and no backups (we did have a boys name in case of an ultrasound snafu).
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    We had loads - seriously, about a page's worth. We knew we were having a girl, but she came at 37 weeks and we weren't prepared for that. 20 minutes after she was born my husband looked at her and said "How about Mila Arden?" which were both names from the list. I agreed, and that was that! In hindsight we wouldn't have picked an "M" first name as both my husband and my own first name start with M. It's too matchy and makes me cringe a little. However, I do love her name. I'm hoping to have a shortlist of one or two first names next time.
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