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    How many names did you take into hospital?


    I was just wondering how many names other mom berries out there take into hospital with them and their experience of picking from their list?

    I have two girl names picked and four boys names, does anyone have experience with this does more names make it harder?

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    We knew we were having a little boy and I think we had about 7 names, but really, there were 4 we really loved and we knew it would mostly be out of those but we had a few extras just in case. We actually ended up choosing 2 out of our 4 favorite names for a first and middle when we met him . The name fit him perfectly. We found it very useful to go in with a list; it worked very well for us. We knew what we liked but there was room to see what felt right when we met him. I'd maybe add another girl's name if you feel the need but your list is probably perfect as is.
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    With my son, we went in with 2 names (his first and middle). We didn't actually plan on using both, but we decided we liked them better than any of our possible middle names, so we went for it. It wasn't our original plan to wait, we were just really indecisive. In hindsight though, I'm glad we did it the way we did. We named him the day after he was born, and decided because I found a nn that just fit so well.

    This time around, we are taking 3-4 names for each gender, plus a few alternates if our top names don't fit. I can't wait to meet this little one and see what name fits :-)
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    We knew we were having a girl. We basically knew which name we were going to pick, but had 2 maybes as well!

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    I took the name that I was 90% sure was his and one backup name. When I saw him, I was certain my first choice was the right one.

    If you're equally ambivalent about all your options, I've always thought a long "hospital" list would only make a hard process harder, but it could really go either way. You may look at the baby and just know which name is the right one.
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