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    Potty training questions, any advice?

    My son Cato is nearly 13 months now and potty training has been on my mind. I was wondering whether I should wait till he is a bit older or if I could start next month or so? I have bought a little potty for him but he doesn't seem interested in it yet...

    Also I have to keep in mind that I'm pregnant with baby #2 so after February, hubby is probably going to have to do most of the potty training (if we wait). So maybe if I get most of it over with now, hubby won't be so overwhelmed after the new baby comes? Or do you think it won't really matter?

    For the mommies out there: how old was your LO when you started potty training? How old do you think a child should be when they are done potty training? How long did it take for your LO to be completely trained?

    Also I have heard that it is harder/takes longer for boys to get completely potty trained, is this true?


    Thank you
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    Some people do elimination communication and potty train their infants, others wait until the child is old enough to ask to use the potty. Personally, if he shows no signs of interest or readiness I wouldn't push the issue. You mentioned having another baby & not wanting to put your husband through the pressure & confusion of potty training while welcoming a new baby. I think that could be just as difficult a transition for your son.

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    If he's not interested, I'd say no. My son wasn't potty training until about 2.5 years, and he was still working on it (but mostly at night) at 3 when my daughter was born.
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    My opinion, 13 months is too young. My daughter was a nightmare to toilet train. She is an extremely stubborn little girl. We followed all the cues with her, showing interest, hated nappies (diapers ), did the gentle encouraging, no scolding etc. But she simply did it when she was ready. When she decided, at 3 1/2, it took 24 hours with 1 accident. The poos took 3 days with 1 accident (watch out for constipation!). Her night time pull ups have been dry for months now but she's not willing to part with them yet. So again, I've left it up to her. Our plan is to do exactly the same with our son (he's just turned 2 and happy to sit on toilet but does nothing in it).
    Oh, and my daughter was never interested in a potty. So we bought the toddler toilet seats, but having said that when she decided to be toilet trained she simply sat on the normal toilet daughter has a will of her own!
    Good luck, don't stress. As I was always told, you don't remember being toilet trained and everybody does it so take your time.
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    I don't have children but I work with them (any ages between 6 weeks and 5 years) and I have to agree with the previous posters. If he isn't showing any interest in the little potty or seem excited about 'big boy undies' I wouldn't bother. I know a lot of mom's want to get one out of diapers before the next comes, but I've seen the regression of young potty trainee's once a sibling is born (either it's the lack of complete attention or just seeing diapers being used, I'm not sure), and that's more of a nightmare for us teachers and parents than potty training in the first place because they were doing it before and have just suddenly decided to stop using the potty! Very frustrating for everyone.

    I've seen kids potty trained as early as 18 months, and I've seen it as late as three and a half. Every child's different!
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