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    Oh, and I meant to mention I'm sorry to see Polyhymnia is no longer on the lists! It seems she wasn't getting much love in the forums, so here's a bit from me. She's over-the-top, I know, but I love her anyway. Polyhymnia is so much fun to say--it falls all over itself, it's so eager, sunny and energetic. I like the association with Madeleine L'Engle's novels. And it comes with sweet, down-to-earth nn Polly built right in--or maybe Mia, if Polly's not your style. Seems it's off the table, and that's probably for the best , but I do love it too.
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    I love Cleopatra to go with big sisters name Aphrodite. Sunniva sounds nice too, but I do t know if it creates the same feel as Aphrodite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Lex; Thanks for the categories! And the comments. I agree with you about Lysie. I might have to take her off. As for Cleopatra, I think Zenobia, Isis and Circe all could fit as sisters, don't you?
    Oooo I do like Aphrodite, Cleopatra and Zenobia!
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    Really, really late to the party but just wanted to chime in with my thoughts on your list Gorgeous names in general as always, Ottilie!

    Atalanta- I've been really loving this since I (finally) finished reading Twelfth Night- the references to her are beautiful. I like the spunky, familiar-yet-different sound, feminine and elegant but no-nonsense and strong
    Befana- sounds like an evil sorceress, not very kind
    Bellicent- nice but not very girly, I like the Arthurian romance connection
    Belphoebe- beautiful! like Atalanta, it's rare but the Phoebe part makes it much more approachable. medieval, magical and otherworldly
    Bradamante- heavy but charming in an old-lady sort of way
    Ceridwen- I know how much you love this... I wasn't a fan originally but seeing how much you love it has definitely changed my tune. wintry, nature-y and fairylike
    Cleopatra- another name that would be hard to pull off and one of the few that are too far out there even for me, but given you have an Aphrodite I can't see that problem applying to you. strong, gorgeous, don't-mess-with-me name that can totally hold its own next to Aphrodite
    Gwenllian- never heard of this, but sounds pretty and dreamlike. Nice reference with the Welsh princess
    Hermione- it does have a cool sound, and goes well with Aphrodite, but I can't help thinking of Harry Potter even though I'm one of the few people I know who's never read it
    Hypatia- great name, soft and approachable sound, wonderful story behind it
    Isolde- I don't know the legend, but the name has a beautiful sound and medieval vibe
    Jezebel- The woman in the Bible totally turns me off, sorry
    Lyonesse- just sounds like "lioness" mispronounced to me
    Lysistrata- it's a mouthful, but I actually love this name. modern-sounding and lyrical
    Morgana- nice sound, and I like the idea of using an Arthurian name but I didn't really like her character
    Musidora- a bit too whimsical and lighthearted for me, a bit flimsy
    Nimue- pretty name, but not very feminine compared to Aphrodite, and I kind of want to see a longer name. I'd love to see it in the middle though
    Olympia- maybe too themey with Aphrodite, but I do love it and it would actually be a cool theme (not cheesy or tacky at all)
    Ourania- not a fan, sorry
    Pandeia/Pandia- reminds me of a misspelling of panda, not a fan
    Serafina- pretty and girly, but seems almost too normal for an Otter baby
    Sunniva- not sure why but never liked this
    Tinuviel- dreamy and fanciful, but also doesn't sound very feminine
    Xenia- nice, but I could see definite pronunciation issues
    Zenobia- pretty sound, I like the queen reference, and goes very well with Aphrodite

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    Ren; yes, Ceri! Dude, look how dumb I am... thanks, sweetie ! Yeah, I think Jezebel's usable here, but something feels off. Besides, she would rule out Belphoebe & Bellicent, and I can't have that! And MIL would probably tear her hair out.

    Saracita; Yay! Winnie is adorable isn't it? I love Ceridwen so much, I am hoping he will come around. He just hates the rid part of it.

    Aurora; Better late than never! Gwenllian is pronounced gwen-LHEE-an. The dude on forvo is way off. To pronounce Welsh double l's put your tongue behind your upper teeth and try to say LH. That should be about correct ! Thanks for your top five, lovely. I think we're taking Hermione off, at least as a first name. But I'm not quite sure yet. I actually have Circe and Tinuviel in one of my favourite combos together; Circe Ophelia/Olwen Tinuviel. Polyhymnia might be put back on actually, I have a feeling this little one could be a Polly. And I love the name, so gorgeous and fun! But we'll see... Thank you so much for all your comments!

    Shealatoba; thanks!

    Lex; yay! I think they sound nice together!

    Bonfire; Thanks for all your comments! You don't like Morgana? Hmm... I love her. Isolde is the beautiful princess in the medieval romance Tristan & Isolde. Tristan was sent by his uncle to Ireland to carry the beautiful Isolde over the seas to him to be his queen. Instead she & Tristan fell in love and tragedy befell.

    We (I) are doing an edit today, so will update later.
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