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    I'm totally sold on the sound of Aphrodite and Pandeia as sisters. I tried saying all the other names together and that pairing sort of set off lights in my head. So... yes. That's my input! Lol.
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    This is my first post in a long, long while, but I wanted to say that another member suggested Zenobia _____ Lyonesse, and I second that and want to add I think you should consider Zenobia Morgana Lyonesse. I love the Z and A first names, and the two middles names both starting with M, which are both not common but definitely heard of...the whole combo just seems to pair well with your daughter's name. I also think you should reconsider Zephyrine as a first name - how awesome to meet sisters named Aphrodite and Zephyrine! (And I quite like the nn Zip with Roo!) I have five children of my own, and I grew a bit more daring when naming each all accounts you have started off at the top - bravo! And good luck!

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    Late to the party, but I had to comment on those I like.

    Belphoebe - If I don't read a birth announcement for this name soon, I'm going to have ruptured blood vessels. -_- Also, I think this is *perfect* with Aphrodite.
    Circe - Also gorgeous, also a great fit. The world needs a little Circe.
    Cleopatra - Love it, but I think it might be overkill somehow
    Xenia - Love it with Aphrodite
    Zenobia - Another extremely awesome name, great fit as well

    Middle name options:
    Loving Belphoebe Selene, Circe Gisele, Xenia Elaine and Zenobia Isis (please vote!)

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    So sooooo much love for Atalanta and Morgana. (Irrelevant: I was forced to read Howard Pyle's four King Arthur books as a five year old, and hated it, but have had a name-crush on Morgana ever since.) My mind also skips right over from Xenia to Xena, mostly because Xena was my childhood and remains my guiltiest of guilty pleasure names. Sorry I don't have any useful suggestions, your names have such epic-ness behind them, it's hard to come up with ones that measure up! My favorite kinda girly but still tough names are Decima and Seneca. I like Giaconda for the art connection. But yeah, those don't quite have as much badassery attached to them as Morgana. And from your middle name options, my faves are Clemency, Isis, Noor, Selene and Ursula.

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    Atalanta: It feels much clunkier than the light as air Aphrodite. I fear Atalanta would envy Aphrodite. I do adore the myth though.
    Befana: Reminds me of Bandana. How do you pronounce Befana? Be-fawn-a or Bef-ahna or Be-fa-na. I don't know what to make of this.
    Bellicent: As sweet as Bellicent could be, I hear "Belly-cent". Some moments she seems sweet and othe
    Belphoebe: Gorgeous! It feels light like Aphrodite. Belphoebe feels very goodnatured and innocent.
    Bradamante: Feels darker. Perhaps because (Bradamante) is within it. Also the Brad beginning feels rather masculine
    Ceridwen: Doesn't feel as effortless as Aphrodite. Beautiful history though.
    Circe: I feel like she will be a Circe. It's a strange thing to say, but I feel it.
    Cleopatra: It feels too distant from Aphrodite. I would never guess that they have the same mother. What would you do for a possible third child?
    Gwenllian: Surprising and sweet. Kind of love it. I could totally see her as Aphrodite's sister.
    Hermione: I love the courageous and brave Hermione from Harry Potter and the myth.
    Hypatia: Same as Gwenllian. But I like Gwenllian more. Hypatia would probably lead to pronounciation problems.
    Isolde: I love their story but she seemed to be acted upon more than acting in her own right. Isolde may also be read as: Is-old. I still like it very much though.
    Jezebel: My favorite biblical name, but I really don't like biblical names. Would you use Jazz or Bell as a nickname?
    Lyonesse: Adorable! You could go for the tomboy nn. of Lyon or the girlie Nessie. It's also strong in its imagery. I imagine a fearless lion like Aslan from Narnia. You can't really get much better than that.
    Lysistrata: I agree with others that it may cause spelling problems as she's younger and possibly pronunciation problems throughout her life. It contains sis and rat: Lysistrata. Not a favorite.
    Morgana: Reminds me of Circe. Circe give me a blue/green feeling, whereas Morgana is a dark burgundy. I think Circe fits better with Aphrodite.
    Musidora: As lovely as it sounds and with the meaning, I fear a Musidora would envy the history of Aphrodite. Musidora is really sweet though. I imagine her being soft and shy.
    Nimue: I imagine this as being your youngest daughter. Little innocent Nimue. That is if you plan on having more children. I just can't imagine her right after Aphrodite.
    Olympia: A bit much with Aphrodite. Lovely, nevertheless.
    Ourania: Agree with pp, such lovelier names around. Perhaps, find one you don't have to change.
    Pandeia/Pandia: Sweet and light!
    Serafina: Rather similar to Aphrodite when spoken. I said them in quick sucession and something felt off. Probably just me. Serafina feels very much like Aphrodite, light with a blue sky. Don't get any pink hues though.
    Sunniva: Carefree and happy all the time. Beautiful!
    Tinuviel: I loved her story in the novel and the meaning of her name. It would be such a story to share!
    Xenia: I'm one of those people that thought of the Warrior Queen. Feels harsh next to Aphrodite.
    Zenobia: I hear: Zen, no, be, a. If you gave her the nn. Zen and told her to be a good girl, it would be "Zenobia Good Girl". I don't know. I personally don't like hearing words and commands in names. It feels aggresive to me.

    My favorites in order:
    Nimue (Would be higher for a different child.)

    Least favorite:

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