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    Finally had a moment to look over the girls!

    Atalanta - Pretty name, but I wouldn't use it for a sister of Aphrodite.
    Befana - No. Just makes me think of wrinkles!
    Bellicent - Not really a fan.
    Belphoebe - I feel like I should like this name, since I love Phoebe and Belle on their own, but smushed together, the name feels awkward to me. Kinda neutral about it.
    Bradamante - No.
    Ceridwen - "Goddess of poetry" is a wonderful connection and goes well with "goddess of love" Aphrodite, but something prevents me from loving it. I'm not sure why.
    Circe - Love it! But paired with Aphrodite, I'm not sure about another Greek name that ends with "e". (Then again, I could easily name ten daughters Zoe, Penelope, Daphne, Phoebe, Chrysanthe, Ariadne, Calliope, Hermione, Selene, and Danae, and have several more favorites to spare, so who am I to say anthing?)
    Cleopatra - Very bold choice, but awesome with Aphrodite! And Cleo is such cute nickname! Cleopatra seems more like a summer name to me, though.
    Gwenllian - Not my favorite "Gwen" name, but it's okay.
    Hermione - Same concern with Circe about the match-y "e" ending, but still love it for you due to the mythological and Shakespearean connections.
    Hypatia - Seems more middle material.
    Isolde - Seems perfect for a winter baby, since it means "ice ruler"!
    Jezebel - A GP of mine because of the sound, but not useable in the real world for all the reasons other posters have already mentioned.
    Lyonesse - Would work better in the middle, I think. I'm kinda digging the idea of Zenobia (Blank) Lyonesse.
    Lysistrata - Yeah, a little out there. I don't hate it, but I don't really like it, either.
    Morgana - LOVE! I have the combo Elizabeth Morgana on my list for a future daughter, but she would make a beautiful first name, too, and a great sister for Aphrodite.
    Musidora - Like it, don't love it.
    Nimue - Like more as a middle name.
    Olympia - No, I don't think it's too much with Aphrodite. Olympia and Aphrodite make an adorable sibset! One of my favorites.
    Ourania - Terrible idea.
    Pandeia/Pandia - Panda and Roo would be so cute for sisters! But I think I actually prefer Pandora.
    Serafina - Love, love, love Seraphina! (In my top 10) Spelling it with an "f" does lesson the similarity to Aphrodite, but the sound is still there, so I don't know... My favorite on your list, but not as a sister to Aphrodite. Maybe middle?
    Sunniva - Like better in the middle.
    Tinuviel - A bit too "fantasy" to work as a first name, but it has a similar vibe to Illyria, so it might work in the middle. Morgana (Blank) Tinuviel? Oo, that's pretty!
    Xenia - Awesome! Would go really well with Aphrodite.
    Zenobia - This is probably my top pick for Aphrodite's sister. Gorgeous!

    Favorites for a first name: Zenobia, Morgana, Isolde, Cleopatra, Olympia, Xenia, Hermione, Circe, Serafina, Pandora/Pandeia/Pandia

    Would move into middle contention: Hypatia, Lyonesse, Nimue, Sunniva, Tinuviel, Serafina (yeah, I'm listing her twice)

    Neutral: Belphoebe, Ceridwen, Gwenllian, Lysistrata, Musidora

    Would scratch off the list: Atalanta, Befana, Bellicent, Bradamente, Jezebel, Ourania

    As for suggestions, it's not an O or U name, but I've always thought Artemisia was your style, and Artemisia Gentileschi would be a great strong female namesake!
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