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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Celianne; Circe is SUR-see. Thanks for your comments, they’re colourful! And, yes, I read the Belgariad as a child… wonderful.
    Then I like Circe. Cute and interesting.

    I ADORE those books, I've read them three times in five years. So another vote for Belphoebe.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Ooohhh.. I love Tinuviel. But I think I might love Luthien even more. I just wish I had a baby and enough courage to give it to her..

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    Atalanta - Not quite distinct enough from Aphrodite for my liking, but it is a big strong beauty so it makes my first cut.
    Belphoebe - over Bellicent any day. I don’t think of it as soft. I think of it as bright green, sharp, sparkly, wild. One of your babas will surely have Belfée in her name somewhere.
    Bradamante - Beautiful, sexy, strong. Love.
    Ceridwen - The tenderness of the “wen” sound tempers the frosty bite of the “Cerid” part. Such an interesting name, strong and Welsh. I think there’s definitely a place for a Ceridwen in your baby-pantheon. It’s not like Olympia, which is so on-the-nose in its Greekness next to Aphro-D. I do wish Ceridwen had some intuitive nicknames...
    Circe - I love the unexpectedness of Circe next to Aphrodite. Keep.
    Cleopatra - I fricking love Cleopatra. Love love love with Aphrodite. Cleo might be a bit over the top in the Afro funk department when thrown in with Aphro-D, but that’s part of what makes it great.
    Gwenllian - Beautiful. This name has such an.. earnest strength to it.
    Hypatia - Fierce, smart, very cool.
    Morgana - Yup, dark and velvety. Depends on the energy of the critter as you get to know her I think, but Morgana is a good one.
    Pandeia/Pandia - Love the meaning. I don’t know much about the character but I like the sound, so she makes the cut. Although on second thought... If I were an eight year old boy I might call her “panda panties.”
    Serafina - The Jennifer Garner Serafina effect hasn’t trickled into England? JG notwithstanding, I think it’s a great, fiery, beautiful name.
    Xenia - Fabulous name, and fabulous paired with Aphrodite.
    Zenobia - See Xenia.

    Medium hot:

    Isolde - I’m mixed. I prefer Isolde in the middle.
    Lyonesse - Because it’s so close to “lioness,” it reads a little Queen of Sheba for me, especially next to Aphrodite. It’s cool but I’d save it for a middle.
    Nimue - Not as strong as Aphrodite. Niniane has more oomph imo, though Nimue is very sleek and pretty.
    Sunniva - Middle name material imo. More of a sunwashed sweep of color than a nameish stamp the way Aphrodite is.
    Tinuviel - I like Tinuviel, but the lack of obvious nicknames would deter me. Tinny? Tintin?


    Befana - Because I’ve always celebrated Epiphany, naming someone Befana seems about the same as naming them Santaclaus to me. Somehow Melchior makes the cut, but I hear Befana and I think about my godfather bringing us presents dressed as an Italian witch.
    Bellicent - Nixed for Belphoebe.
    Hermione - Not for me. I like the name quite a bit, but it’s not in the same league as elaborately beautiful Aphrodite.
    Jezebel - Whatever your take on Jezebel, choosing a name that’s inherently misunderstood sets up a bit of a chip-on-the-shoulder thing, where the kid may have to constantly defend her name.
    Lysistrata - What a weird and interesting play and a great character, but I can’t at all see Lysistrata on a little girl. Also, I find the sounds of this name a little unpleasant.. I think of Listerine, Lysol, lysosomes...
    Musidora - I think of mucous-clearing medicine.
    Olympia - I loved this at first, but on second thought, I agree that she’s too much next to Aphrodite.
    Ourania - Ouriana is not at all surprising to me in terms of its sounds... Might as well be Ariana or Maryanna.

    Ok gotta run Otter, but I'll be back later tonight for the boys. XO

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    I'd like to add Elfrida and Alfhild/Alvhilde to my suggestions

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    Finally had a moment to look over the girls!

    Atalanta - Pretty name, but I wouldn't use it for a sister of Aphrodite.
    Befana - No. Just makes me think of wrinkles!
    Bellicent - Not really a fan.
    Belphoebe - I feel like I should like this name, since I love Phoebe and Belle on their own, but smushed together, the name feels awkward to me. Kinda neutral about it.
    Bradamante - No.
    Ceridwen - "Goddess of poetry" is a wonderful connection and goes well with "goddess of love" Aphrodite, but something prevents me from loving it. I'm not sure why.
    Circe - Love it! But paired with Aphrodite, I'm not sure about another Greek name that ends with "e". (Then again, I could easily name ten daughters Zoe, Penelope, Daphne, Phoebe, Chrysanthe, Ariadne, Calliope, Hermione, Selene, and Danae, and have several more favorites to spare, so who am I to say anthing?)
    Cleopatra - Very bold choice, but awesome with Aphrodite! And Cleo is such cute nickname! Cleopatra seems more like a summer name to me, though.
    Gwenllian - Not my favorite "Gwen" name, but it's okay.
    Hermione - Same concern with Circe about the match-y "e" ending, but still love it for you due to the mythological and Shakespearean connections.
    Hypatia - Seems more middle material.
    Isolde - Seems perfect for a winter baby, since it means "ice ruler"!
    Jezebel - A GP of mine because of the sound, but not useable in the real world for all the reasons other posters have already mentioned.
    Lyonesse - Would work better in the middle, I think. I'm kinda digging the idea of Zenobia (Blank) Lyonesse.
    Lysistrata - Yeah, a little out there. I don't hate it, but I don't really like it, either.
    Morgana - LOVE! I have the combo Elizabeth Morgana on my list for a future daughter, but she would make a beautiful first name, too, and a great sister for Aphrodite.
    Musidora - Like it, don't love it.
    Nimue - Like more as a middle name.
    Olympia - No, I don't think it's too much with Aphrodite. Olympia and Aphrodite make an adorable sibset! One of my favorites.
    Ourania - Terrible idea.
    Pandeia/Pandia - Panda and Roo would be so cute for sisters! But I think I actually prefer Pandora.
    Serafina - Love, love, love Seraphina! (In my top 10) Spelling it with an "f" does lesson the similarity to Aphrodite, but the sound is still there, so I don't know... My favorite on your list, but not as a sister to Aphrodite. Maybe middle?
    Sunniva - Like better in the middle.
    Tinuviel - A bit too "fantasy" to work as a first name, but it has a similar vibe to Illyria, so it might work in the middle. Morgana (Blank) Tinuviel? Oo, that's pretty!
    Xenia - Awesome! Would go really well with Aphrodite.
    Zenobia - This is probably my top pick for Aphrodite's sister. Gorgeous!

    Favorites for a first name: Zenobia, Morgana, Isolde, Cleopatra, Olympia, Xenia, Hermione, Circe, Serafina, Pandora/Pandeia/Pandia

    Would move into middle contention: Hypatia, Lyonesse, Nimue, Sunniva, Tinuviel, Serafina (yeah, I'm listing her twice)

    Neutral: Belphoebe, Ceridwen, Gwenllian, Lysistrata, Musidora

    Would scratch off the list: Atalanta, Befana, Bellicent, Bradamente, Jezebel, Ourania

    As for suggestions, it's not an O or U name, but I've always thought Artemisia was your style, and Artemisia Gentileschi would be a great strong female namesake!
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