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    Girls That Glitter - Attempt No. 2

    So husband made his list and we've managed to find some common ground. These are all names we can imagine on our baby if she's a girl. The list is long-ish, but if you've got amazing suggestions, we welcome them with open arms. A few "rules" before I start:

    1) We don't mind another A-name, we're not big on initials anyway.
    2) We're fine with another mythology name, we don't want to let a gem pass because it might create a "theme".
    3) I love names with O's and U's, so suggestions of names with these letters are very appreciated.
    4) Husband wants a "clear cut" name, meaning no PH or TH sounds.
    5) We would really like the name that would fit a strong and brave girl. Aphrodite wasn't defined by men and their acts, and this is very important to me.

    Atalanta - it's one of my favourite names, and myths, and as we're in Europe I can't see a lot of people thinking of the city. My only concern is the fact that her myth is linked to Aphrodite (Aphrodite provided the golden apples that slowed her down during the race).
    Befana - the witchiness is alluring.
    Bellicent - Arthurian romance, but would rule out...
    Belphoebe - I love this name, but H is hesitant because it's a "soft" name (ph-sound). We haven't ruled it out completely though, as I am so in love with it. Beautiful amazing girl in The Faerie Queene who hid/lived in the forest...
    Bradamante - Amazing, beautiful female knight/warrior in Orlando Innamorato and Orlando Furioso. I think the name is beautiful and strong.
    Ceridwen - Major deity which we want to avoid, but the name is perfection. Husband isn't too crazy about it, but is willing to leave it on here to see if it will "grow on him".
    Circe - One of my favourite names ever, maybe my favourite character in Greek mythology. Odysseus described her as "the loveliest of all immortals" which I think can hold up well to Roo's name.
    Cleopatra - Yeah, His idea, but I kind of like it. Would definitely be a bold choice, but so was Aphrodite.
    Gwenllian - Amazing Welsh princess who led her people in battle.
    Hermione - This one was new, I never really thought about it, but H brought it up, so here it is. I like it, it's cute.
    Hypatia - One of the most admirable women in history.
    Isolde - I love this name, and she's got the beauty thing Aphrodite's got. My only thing is... she was beautiful, but what else?
    Jezebel - I know there's a lot of judgement around this name, but in my opinion, this is the best woman in the bible. Strong, brave, true to herself and beautiful.
    Lyonesse - I think it sounds really cool, it's got the Arthurian thing going on.
    Lysistrata - Teehee, the name of the heroine in the play by the same name by Aristophanes. I know it's a little out there, but she was very very cool.
    Morgana - Another sorceress, and I love those. Morgana is dark and velvety, and again the Arthurian thing.
    Musidora - Gift of the muses. It's not the name of a person (fictional or real) and that's the only thing that bugs me.
    Nimue - After much ado, we decided Niniane might be a minefield. So Nimue it is. Lady of the lake, guardian of the sword and it's cute as a button.
    Olympia - Too much with the Olympian Goddess?
    Ourania - Yes, I know, but I love this name. We were thinking of spelling it Orania instead? Is it just a terrible idea?
    Pandeia/Pandia - Daughter of Zeus and Selene: "...a daughter Pandeia, exceeding lovely amongst the deathless gods". Means all brightness.
    Serafina - Husband's suggestion. I like the meaning, and the witch in Northern Lights is cool.
    Sunniva - Would be a way to incorporate my Norwegian blood. But I know some little Sunniva's... not direct friends, but still.
    Tinuviel - Tolkien name and character, means daughter of the starry twilight. She was a wonderful person as well.
    Xenia - An epithet instead of a Goddess. husband is slightly worried about people confusing it with Xena (the warrior queen).
    Zenobia - Awesome beautiful Syrian Queen.

    Middle name options (we're not looking for combos, just wanted to let you know in case you were wondering where some names went, or you planned on suggesting one of these) are:
    Aradia, Berenice, Brigid, Chione, Cissea, Clemency, Constance, Cressida, Cyrene, Daphne, Elaine, Elbereth/Elentari, Eos, Eowyn, Faerydae, Flutterby, Giselle, Idunn, Isis, Jasmine, Lamia, Liriope, Loveday, Marzanna, Nephele, Niamh, Noor, Oenone, Olwen, Ophelia, Pareerou, Phoebe, Psyche, Selene, Signe, Silmarien, Sybilla, Ursula/Ursaly, Vanessa, Villanelle, Yvaine and Zephyrine.

    Thanks for reading! xxx
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    My favourites from your list are Hermione and Isolde.


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    My favorites are Circe and Cleopatra. I love pp of Ariadne

    Other suggestions: Antigone, Clio, Calliope, Ambrosia, Hecate, Nerissa, Phaedra, Perdita, Marina

    I would just be careful with some of these names, as they will be very hard to spell/pronounce as a child.
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    I love Serafina! Straight-forward, cool meaning, and absolutely beautiful sound!

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    Love Atalanta (such a fantastic myth), Circe, Hermione, and Morgana.

    For some reason the curiosity associated with Pandora seems like it might work for you.

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