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    How I love reading your list!

    Husband? Wait, when did you got married? I was away for a week or so I missed everything. Congrats, Otillie.

    Befana - Never heard this one before, absolutely like it.
    Belphoebe - LOVE this! It's on my long list too.
    Bradamante - Not sure
    Ceridwen - Perfect. Are you still considering Ceridwen Chione Soleil/Ondine/what was the 2nd mn? I think it's perfect for your winter baby.
    Cleopatra - Usually not a fan, but I like it with Aphrodite
    Isolde -
    Jezebel - Actually, I love this. Still on my GP list.
    Nimue - I like it, but not as fn.
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback! I'm sorry I haven't responded in a few days, I've just been so tired. But here we go!

    Angel; love your suggestions! Elida is indeed lovely, but it's one of two names my sister's called as hers. It was the name of my mother's grandmother and my sister is the only one of our generation who remembers her, so it's very important to her. Eir, Udunna and Signe are all middle material, love them all! Alcyone is out as a first, my husband thinks they're too similar. Nausicaa is a favourite of mine, but husband isn't crazy about it. Nephele is lovely, Proserpina too. Isis is one of my favourites for a middle, but I've got to admit, it would be cool as a first. I could have a brood of little Gods and Goddesses! Thanks sweetie!

    Lex; Thanks for the categories! And the comments. I agree with you about Lysie. I might have to take her off. As for Cleopatra, I think Zenobia, Isis and Circe all could fit as sisters, don't you?

    Irieisis; thank you! Serafina might be better as a middle. It was hubs suggestion, and usually I don't like to veto what he comes up with unless they are terrible.

    Sarah; I think so too! Belphoebe is so beautiful and sweet, and has so many nicknames (I've become a nickname junkie!).

    Saracita; thanks for your comments. The reason he doesn't want a ph sound is because it's in Aphrodite's name. He loves it, he just thinks it's too much if both of them have it. But he might come around. I know he loves the name. I think Bradamante is strong, but very very romantic and just beautiful. Circe is definitely one of my favourites! Thanks!

    Celianne; yay, you like it! I'm happy. And you've inspired me to re-read those books... must dig them up .

    Noetje; yes, I love Luthien more, but it's too close to lithium for me.

    Emma dear; Ooh, you like Bradamante! yay! I'm very happy about the ones you've picked out as keepers, those are mainly my favourites too. Love what you say about Cleoptara. The Ceridwen nickname thing is one thing that bothers me too. As I've told you before, you've made me a big fan of nicknames. The only thing I've come up with is Winnie. Thank you for saying what you said about Befana. I gre up celebrating Epiphany too, so I found it weird. But he really liked it (I like the sound of it), so I thought I'd see what others thought. He changed his mind reading some of these comments, so I'm happy. Tinuviel has nicknames Tiny, Nuvi, Elle! Thanks so much for all your comments, it all makes sense to me.

    Svea; Alvhilde and Elfrida are both gorgeous! Thanks!

    Muffin Mama; Thank you! Zenobia, Morgana and Cleopatra are definitely front runners for this baby. At least for me. I get what everyone say about Jezebel, it just makes me so sad... and I think it might be different here in England? Britberries, what say you? Zenobia something Lyonesse would be great. I would love to pair Zenobia with Isis (Zenobia Isis Alcyone is my top Zen pick at the moment).

    Ren; Thank you! I love Pandeia, it's so so cute and glittery!

    Mousehouse; I like Zenobia Morgana Lyonesse, so pretty! Zephyrine is indeed gorgeous, I just prefer it in the middle. Morgana Eos Zephyrine...

    Christina; well, that does it. Have to name her Belphoebe (if she's a girl). You paired up Zenobia and Isis! I love those two together, I've been pretty sure for a while that if we go with Zenobia, Isis would be the first middle. Thanks!

    Liz; yeah, I know. I have a friend who was on the Xena show as well, so it might be weird. I don't know... Morgana is one of my favourites, I can't imgine not having a daughter named Morgana some day! I've always felt a special bond to Morgana le Fay... Thanks!

    Irms; look at you! Befana is be-FAH-nuh. I love that you have a feeling about my baby, how cute! Circe is one of my favourites. Yes, we plan on having many more children. Nimue might be more of the little whimsical one than one of the older ones. I feel like Nimue would have to be blonde and curly and a bit of a naughty one. Thanks so much for all your comments, very helpful!

    c@29; thank you! Yes, we tied the knot last week. Simple, easy, no fuss. We're celebrating in a dress and with a big party after this baby is born sometime. Thanks for the comments, if he gets on board with Ceridwen, it's either Ceridwen Chione Solenne or Ceridwen Chione Noor. I love both.

    Thanks so much again, everyone. I'm going to edit later!
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    I think Bradamante is strong, but very very romantic and just beautiful.
    I agree. It's beautiful name and think it could be very feminine with right girl and right accent. It's now become one of my faves for Roo's little sister.
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    I love so many of those names, but my favorites are Circe, Olympia, and Xenia. I love Olympia nn Oly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    The Ceridwen nickname thing is one thing that bothers me too. As I've told you before, you've made me a big fan of nicknames. The only thing I've come up with is Winnie.
    Oh. My. Goodness. I just had a total nickname-gasm. Winnie and Roo!?!?! This is the Cutest thing I have ever heard in my life. Haha. I am a huge fan of Ceridwen as it is, so I was maybe a little bit biased before, but that is So adorable. I am going to think of nothing else for the rest of the day, lol.

    Anywho, I came to say something that a pp already mentioned along the lines of using one of your B names. Not that it actually matters but yes, I feel like there would be that instance where people would assume the 3rd child's name will start with a C. Again, I know it's not an actual issue, and I'm sure it doesn't bother you, but it's just something that was lingering at the edge of my mind and I felt like I had to share.

    That being said, I do for some reason imagine you naming your kids in alphabetical order, just not Exact order. Because, yes, I do name your future children. These choices just make it too much fun not to: Aphrodite, Ceridwen, Endymion, Hespera, Lucius, Morgana, Rainier, Zenobia! You're apparently having 8 now, but hey that's a better estimate from me than 10, haha. Can't wait to see the edit. Hope you're feeling well! <3
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