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    I know a one year old Talon. At first, I did make the claw association...but now it's just his name. That's how it is with any nature based names...of course our first association is the object we are familiar with. But when you get to know the child...the name becomes a part of them. If you like it, use it. There are MUCH stranger names out there!

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    The name Talan is an old cornish name. Or maybe spelt differently like Talen.

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    My nephew goes to preschool with a Talon. We joke that it's a Disney villain name = /.

    (Especially back when little Talon was struggling with his no biting and hitting skills.)

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    I've known several boys named Talon so it's not that big a deal to me. I do prefer the spelling Talan, but I like the sound of both.
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