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    My first thought: Ouch!

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    Talon is harsh sounding to me and seems a little on the tacky side. Sorry! I agree with yellow- Fallon is much better and doesn't sound like its trying too hard.

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    For the record it's not a name I would ever actually use for my son, I just saw it used recently and the people I talked to in real life didn't immediately think of birds of prey, so I figured I'd put it up for debate with other name-nerds like myself.

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    It reminds me of actual talons, or claws...and of that scene in Napoleon Dynamite. Sorry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    Sorry, but honestly, I think it is terribly tacky. It is like naming your child claw.
    Exactly this. It just makes me think, why did these people name their child after part of an eagle?!

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