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    I immediately went to "the claw."

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamktchristie View Post
    I love nature names but so often I find them too hippyish or obvious. The name Talon is really growing on me, I think it seems usable as people don't automatically make the connection. What do you think?
    People don't automatically make the connection? Looks like the responses shot that theory, unfortunately. To me, it is most definitely obvious. Like naming your kid Feather, Scale, Whisker, Fang, Tusk.

    Quote Originally Posted by iamktchristie View Post
    Haha, I was wondering if someone was going to say something about claws.
    What else is there to say about it? That's what a talon IS!

    I prefer sound-alike Fallon. I know one, though she is female, and she wears it well.
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    Yeah, the only mental image Talon gives me is a hawk swooping down out of the sky and snatching its prey. I don't like it as a name. Sorry.

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    I knew a couple who named their baby this. I really dislike it; to me, it feels like another of those "trying too hard to be tough and manly" names.

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    There was a guy on Laguna Beach named Talon so I think it's usable

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