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Thread: Tessa or Tess

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    I knew a Tess whose full name was Esther. A little unusual, but worked well. That's a longer option for you?

    Tess Cook does sound abrupt...especially next to Lilla and Vivienne.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. First off let me clarify some things. Yes her name would be Tess Cook and we are ok with that, dh is equally short as Ross Cook. We would only use Tessa as a longer name nn Tess. Sisters are Lilla Clare and Vivienne Grace. We would like to have 4+ kids, so possible girl #4 would be Penelope Kate or Sylvie Kate. Our list are as follows:

    Tessa Maeve
    Tessa Pearl
    Tessa Faye We are really leaning towards this one

    Top contenders for Tess
    Tess Abigail
    Tess Adelaide
    Tess Adeline

    Our long list for Tess
    Tess Charlotte - to hissy but the right style
    Tess Eleanor - Not sure that I am ready to put this name in the middle spot either as Eleanor June is one of my favorites.
    Tess Eliza - Runs together but the right style
    Tess Elizabeth - run together but the right style
    Tess Eloise
    Tess Emmeline
    Tess Evangeline - runs together
    Tess Georgina - I like, DH does not and we have a niece named Georgia so that probably means we should pass on this one
    Tess Josephine - flows well but we aren't a fan of the name. It is a family name so this could work
    Tess Juniper - I love June as a middle name so this could work but it feels off next to Lilla Clare and Vivienne Grace a bit too spunky
    Tess Magnolia - I really feel like we should like this, DH is a big fan for an M name for the middle spot
    Tess Margaret - We just don't like it even though isn't terrible
    Tess Madeline
    Tess Olivia - runs together
    Tess Penelope - flows well but I'm not ready to put this name in the middle
    Tess Virginia - flows well but we aren't a fan of the name.

    Tess Delaney - sounds really good to us but is the completely wrong style
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    I like Tess! The trick is to use a four syllable middle that preferably starts with a vowel and is stressed on the second syllable.
    Tess Aurelia
    Tess Amelia
    Tess Evangeline
    Tess Elysia
    Tess Arcadia
    Tess Acadia
    Tess Elizabeth

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    Definately Tessa! It would have been my baby girl's name if he were a I love Tessa!

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