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Thread: Tessa or Tess

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    I personally prefer Tessa. But, if you will be calling her Tess, I would name her Tess. 3 syllable names would be great in the middle:

    Tess Josephine
    Tess Camilla
    Tess Elizabeth
    Tess Eliza
    Tess Margaret
    Tess Lillian
    Tess Augusta
    Tess Caroline

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    Och, I agree completely. I don't mind Tessa (it's sweet), but I much prefer just Tess. I agree that it's hard to pair up, but I find Tessa hard to pair up, too. It flows with more things, but honestly, I don't really like most of the pairings that people come up with, so I might as well just opt for what I love, and what I love is Tess. Besides, I've found a Tess combo I adore (Tess Penelope), so I'm pretty set. Hadn't you been tossing around Tess Emmeline? I love that for you! I think Lilla Clare, Vivienne Grace, and Tess Emmeline are really sweet together for sisters!
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    If Tess is the name you love, use it. (Btw, I agree, Tessa is nice but Tess is fantastic.). Middle names with 3 or more syllables work well with Tess.

    Tess Alexandra
    Tess Juliette
    Tess Lilliana
    Tess Olivia
    Tess Lucille
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    Quote Originally Posted by jesba View Post
    Am I right that little girl's last name will be Cook? If so, Tessa flows a little better with it than Tess as well. I mean, I would still totally use Tess if it's your strong preference. Tess with that last name is still fine. I think you may want to avoid middles that start with a vowel as they could kind of slide onto Tess? What names are the closest to you liking them? Or is there a family name you can use for its own sake that will help wipe out any dislike you have for the sound?
    This. Though I disagree with using Tess over Tessa even if it's your preference... Tess Cook is so abrupt, there is just no flow. There are lots of Tes- names if you're willing to go significantly longer, and simply use Tess as her everyday name.
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