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    Wow, what a list! My top five favourites from your list are Leonidas (definitely Hugh Jackman in a fur-lined velvet cape imagery!), Orion, Rainier (love the family connection), Romulus and Tiberius. Not that you need any more suggestions, however I went with a wolf-inspired theme, as you love the animal and your partner Wolverine! All names are connected to wolves in some way.
    My suggestions are -
    Lykaon: Also in mythology, this is the name of an early king of Arkadia.
    Marrok: In Arthurian legend, this is the name of a knight who was also a werewolf. In Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, "Death of Arthur," (1469-1470), there is a single line mentioning this knight; it reads as follows: "Sir Marrok the good knyghte that was betrayed with his wyf for she made hym seven yere a werewolf."
    Sandalio or Sandalius
    Zeeb - Hebrew name meaning "wolf," so called from its being tawny and yellow in colour. In the bible, this is the name of a Midianite prince.
    Good luck in choosing the perfect name for your little one.

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    Yay I love when you are on a name search! Choices are so fun and refreshing. My favorites for you starting with my favorite and going down are
    1. Rainier- love this one myself and even greater for the personal significance
    2. Leonidas- I so love this name but husband would never accept :-/
    3. Casimir- because I think it fits your description well (hello fur lined capped Hugh hehe)
    4. Auberon- just sounds masculine but also romantic and mysterious. Doesn't it mean Bear? Rugged!
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    I adore Casimir, Evander Melchior, Orion and Romulus! I think they all sound great with Aphrodite. Auberon and Leonidas are great too! But in my opinion, you should probably stay away from Attila, as naming a child after someone famous for raping, murdering, and pillaging their way across almost all of Eurasia could be a little odd.
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    Great list as always, Ottilie! These are the one I like from your list: Algernon, Evander, Leopold, Melchior, Odin, Orion and Percival. My favourites are the last three, actually. I do have a soft spot for Odin (Side note: saw a sibset of Odin and Isolde today, lovely!)

    Suggestions: Alarik, Alistair (too common? I just love it!), Allvis, Amund, Andor, Astor, Elving, Emrik, Endill, Erenmund, Fridolf, Grim, Hilding, Inigo, Lindorm, Magne, Roald, Sigsten, Torgeir, Tormund, Trond, Tycho, Ulvrik, Vigmund, and Viking. Oh well. At least I had fun while looking for names

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    Aurara; Haha, I'm not sure the baby's taking requests! And thanks! I do say Lucius with three syllables, that's the best way. Thanks for all the comments on your favourites. The Romulus thing bothered me a little, but if I'd scratch every one who's killed someone off my list, I fear I'd have no names left!

    Susan; I've not read Flowers for Algernon, but it does sound familiar. Is it the one about the IQ experiment?

    Mrs. Anton; haha, Nostromo! Isn't that a Joseph Conrad novel?

    Hannie; yeah, the custard throws me off a bit. I've never bought it though (never saw the point in buying custard, so easy to make!). But those tins are unappealing... Thanks for commenting!!!

    Mama Muffin; The Magi! That's what they're called. Thanks for commenting, and putting them into neat categories for me! I hope you're enjoying lots of baby snuggles...

    Emma; Genghis Khan, eh? Well, they must've been darn cool to make all that stuff happen... that's how I see it. I like Attila, glad it's on your yes list! Adore all your comments, especially Herne and Darius, and Melchior. I've not read A Book of Memories, but I will go out and get it. Sounds wonderful. Now over to the no's... don't you think destroyer of peace is fitting? I don't think my home will ever be peaceful after this baby ! Thanks so much, sweetie, you're a star!

    Lex; you made me dig through my dvd collection to find A Midsummer Night's Dream. I must admit I find mr. Everett rather dashing (the whole cast is exceptionally beautiful in this movie!), and he does rock the part.

    Mumma; hah, Wolverine! As much as I like super heroes, and X-Men in particular, this is too out there for me! I do like Lykaon, it's very cool. Will ask my other half what he thinks... Thanks so much!

    Lindsey; Thank you! Fun and refreshing, those are lovely compliment. No, Auberon literally means King of the faeries. Or. elf ruler, but same deal .

    Svea; Thanks! Odin and Isolde, whoa, that's amazing! I like that. Awesome suggestions! Alric is on our middle list, Alistair is a very close family member.... Grim is cool! And Vigmund, Lindorm (!) and Endill... and Inigo too. The rest are too close to my nephew's name or already belonging to family members. Thanks though!
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