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    I'm not sure if you're still looking suggestions, but what about "Nostromo".

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    Algernon - I love the Importance of Being Earnest reference. I'm actually hankering after a pair of rats called Ernest and Algernon.
    Ambrose - Never been a fan and it reminds me of custard (Am-brooo-sia!).
    Attila - Sorry, can't get past the Hun.
    Auberon - Love this. I love A Midsummer Night's Dream.
    Bensiabel - Not sure how it's pronounced, but I don't think I'd like it any way.
    Casimir - Very handsome.
    Damon - Not really a fan. Just seems a bit dull.
    Darius - I really like this. King Darius was a good king.
    Endymion - I find it quite dashing.
    Evander - This is handsome too.
    Gawain - As is this.
    Herne - Has quite an ugly sound to me.
    Leonidas - Very handsome, but...
    Leopold - I much prefer this.
    Lucius - It has evil vibes to me.
    Melchior - One of the Wise Men. I like.
    Odin - Quite like this.
    Orion - And this too.
    Percival - I adore Percival.
    Perseus - And I like Perseus too, but see above.
    Rainier - I think the 'rain-' bit makes it sound a bit grey and depressing.
    Romulus - Awesome name.
    Snowdon - I just think of Lord Snowdon.
    Tiberius - Not really a fan, but I don't hate it.
    Xerxes - I normally love X-names, but I'm not a fan of this one.
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    Been working on this off and on whenever I found a free moment. So much fun!

    Algernon - Eh, I'm not a fan.
    Ambrose - I don't like this name in the first spot for some reason, but I adore it in the middle.
    Attila - Way too similar to Ottilie, and I'm not so sure about the Attila the Hun connection...
    Auberon - Like some previous posters, I think the Oberon spelling feels more winter-y. Auberon seems more like an autumn name (probably because of the "Au" beginning). But either is lovely.
    Bensiabel - Feels a bit too "fantasy" to work in the real world and doesn't feel "strictly masculine".
    Casimir - One of my guilty pleasure names! I do have the Polish heritage to pull it off, but I just can't see myself with a Casimir. I can see it as a brother to Aphrodite, though!
    Damon - Cool name, but it seems rather tame compared to Aphrodite. Might be better in the middle.
    Darius - I prefer Darian, but as far as -us names go, he's one of the more tolerable ones.
    Endymion - LOVE! He's definitely "dashing, romantic, yet strictly masculine" and matches perfectly with Aphrodite. My favorite for you.
    Evander - Like better in the middle.
    Gawain - I think Gawain sounds fine as a brother to Aphrodite, but you have better choices.
    Herne - Not romantic at all, and I don't like the sound. My least favorite.
    Leonidas and Leopold - Hmm, Leonidas is a better match with Aphrodite, but Leopold feels closer to the "dashing, romantic" feel your husband wants. (No surprise it's his favorite!)
    Lucius - Again, not really a fan of -us names, but it's one of the better ones, and the meaning is great.
    Melchior - Ooh, a Magi name! I adore them, obviously. We used Balthazar for Liam's middle name, Casper is in my Top 20, and Melchior has been growing on me a lot. Seems mismatched with Aphrodite, though. I think he'd work better in the middle.
    Odin - The deity connection is fun, and I like the nod to your heritage, but I'm not a huge fan of the name itself.
    Orion - Probably my second favorite for you after Endymion! It seems to have everything you want in a name.
    Percival and Perseus - Percival doesn't seem to be getting much love, but I think he's wonderful, and much prefer him to Perseus.
    Rainier - Great personal connections for you, but I like him better in the middle.
    Romulus - Now this is an -us name I just plain don't like at all.
    Snowdon - Huh, I surprisingly kinda like this, actually, but more as a middle. Snowdon and Aphrodite just seem like a weird pairing.
    Tiberius - I can't decide if I like this or not...
    Xerxes - Awesome! My third favorite on your list, but if you use Xerxes, you'd have to give up Circe for a girl, and if it's between Xerxes and Circe, I think I'd pick Circe.

    Favorites for a first name: Endymion, Orion, Xerxes, Leonidas/Leopold, Casimir, Percival, Auberon/Oberon

    Would move into middle contention: Ambrose, Damon, Evander, Melchior, Odin, Rainier, Snowdon

    Neutral: Darius, Gawain, Lucius, Tiberius

    Would scratch off the list: Algernon, Attila, Bensiabel, Herne, Perseus, Romulus
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    Algernon - Moustachioed and bespectacled. I like it a lot, though I don’t see it as particularly “swashbuckling.”
    Ambrose - Lovely, deep. Amber and roses. Hey apparently Ambrose Bierce was one of thirteen siblings - Abigail, Amelia, Ann, Addison, Aurelius, Augustus, Almeda, Andrew, Albert, Ambrose, Arthur, Adelia, and Aurelia. I think he got the best name, though Aurelia and Aurelius are not too shabby.
    Attila - Yes! I think Attila would be fabulous. Love how close it is to Ottilie, love Attila the Hun. I have a big old crush on Genghis Khan too though. Oh those ruthless conquerors with their brilliant strategic minds and excellent hand-eye coordination! Attila could be nicked Hun, Hunny, Hunny Bunny etc.
    Auberon - Gorgeous. Definitely a “velvet cape” name.
    Darius - Handsome, sleek, strong... I think of tall-masted ships for some reason, sextants, the sea at night. Darius Rainier...
    Endymion - Yes. Must must be used for one of your babies.
    Evander - I like it, and I think it’s strong enough to stay in the running. I hear what you’re saying about it getting lost amongst similar names though -Evan, Anders, etc.
    Herne - I think Herne is incredibly romantic and beautiful. Dark, mossy. Love.
    Leonidas - I prefer Leonidas to Leopold. It’s both fine and fierce.
    Lucius - Candles in the snow. Luscious and lovable. Lucius has a roundness. Is it too.. gentlemanly next to Aphrodite?
    Melchior - Beautiful name. So wintry. Have you ever read A Book of Memories, by Peter Nadas? The narrator’s sexy poet lover is named Melchior.
    Odin - I kind of like the ODI link to Aphrodite. Crisp sounds, great namesake, nice way to honor your Norse roots. Big deity #2 though.
    Orion - Wonderful name. Wasn’t this on your “safe” list though? Not as daring as Roo, for sure.
    Perseus - Mm Perseus with his winged helmet.. Good to have a constellation with your name on it. I do like Perseus with Aphrodite, but it’s not my favorite.
    Rainier - Perfection.
    Tiberius - Would be divine with Aphrodite. Quite well-matched in strength.


    Bensiabel - Very sweet, but not epic enough next to Aphrodite.
    Casimir - Exotically beautiful. Roo and Caz are great together. But the meaning is so crummy: “destroyer of peace!”
    Damon - Perhaps as a middle? I think it’s not wild enough as a first, beside Roo.
    Gawain - I agree with you. Not quite right with Aphrodite.
    Leopold - “Appalled”, “poled”... Loses to Leonidas. Of the Mozart family names, I prefer Wolfgang.
    Percival - It just feels over-the-top knightly/chivalrous to me. Great story though, the Fisher King. I'm on the fence with Percival.
    Romulus - Romulus vs Attila... Attila wins!
    Snowdon - Before I think of Snowdonia, I think of Edward Snowden now, of the NSA leak.
    Xerxes - Cartoonishly butch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    LexieMexie [...] I'm going to try coming around to Oberon ...
    You know it is the Shakespearian way - probably one of the reasons I love it so much. (I also just keep seeing Rupert Everett in that roll).
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