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    Alright, here's to give you my Norse boys names for you since I know you want to represent your side.

    FenrisĂșlfr -- I know it's relating to Fenrir, but I think it has an amazing sound and I just love most "wolf" names. Maybe just Fenris would be better for you though? ^_^

    And some others you might like (most are Greek with some Roman and Celtic thrown in there):

    Archimedes (My friend Xander in Greece just recently had twins and one of them is an Archimedes. I think it sounds great, has good connections and is equally as bold as Aphrodite and "master of thought" is a wonderful meaning)
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    Amy; I'm hoping for a blonde baby this one around... Since Roo's got my colouring I'd quite like a little blue eyes blonde wavy haired little urchin next time around. I'm not saying mr M is my favourite (Snape! Lupin! Dumbledore!)... But he's got something... He's not as bad as the other D.E..

    Sessha; My iPad is not keen on writing your name. Thanks for being thorough! My sister has called Merlin as hers... I agree with you on Auberon, it's got a Mabon feel to it. Maybe save it for next baby? Oberon is too bear-ish and full grown man to me. Herne is romantic, but rough as well. Maybe it slightly lost its lustre when I visited Herne's Hill in London? Knew you'd like Melchior. You know, I didn't think of the similar letters in Odin and Aphrodite! Orion and Endumion I knew you'd like, I'm glad you like Ben, I know it's u usual but it's really straight forward. I love the top five you picked out... And Melchior Orion North is swoon worthy. One of my top three favourite combos EVER! Thanks my darling!

    LexieMexie; thanks for categorising! I'm going to try coming around to Oberon... Xerxes and xerox, hilarious! It's off now...

    Fergosky; thank you!

    Eleven; haha, I love the musical Spring Awakening... No he's not as admirable in the original version. But Melchior is also one of the three kings, if I remember correctly. Not good at christian stuff. And thanks, I love her name too. And Freya is beautiful!

    Jxbird; thanks for your comments!

    Saracita; he loves history and art and literature, I think that's why it's easy to get him on board. And he's got a crush on Hugh Jackman (but who doesn't?). I think I thee out love randomly, but you're right about Lucius and Rainier, they are two of my very favourites. And Darius has got something... My family is pretty obsessed with Syria and Iran and the countries out there, and it's always seemed like a source of wisdom and beauty. At least in the past... Thanks for all your comments!

    Angel; Fenris is pretty darn cool. I love wolf names too. Fantastic creatures! I also love Archimedes! And Hyperion is a big favourite of mine, but I'm afraid someone will think its too close to "hyper". Thanks for your suggestions, you rock!

    I actually thought of adding Olav to my list, probably as a middle. Born by some of Norway's finest kings.
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    Aw, here's a great big CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding! And congrats on the newbie on the way! May I selfishly request that it make sure to be a boy, so you can balance things out and use some of these awesome names? I tend to get more excited about boys' names; I don't really know why.

    I wanted to put in a quick word for a few favorites:

    Casimir--he does sound wintry, and he stands up beautifully next to Aphrodite while being very ethnically different. I get a decided fur-lined-cape image with Casimir.

    Leonidas--I definitely prefer him to Leopold. I think it's the "pole" sound in Leopold I don't like so much. Leonidas sounds so much more warm and energetic, and I'm a sucker for S-ending boys' names. Greek, but good next to Aphrodite anyway.

    Lucius--okay, as you know, I have a thing for Lucius lately. He's so lovely--cold, light, whispery, yet powerful. Would you be saying it with 3 syllables? Lu-see-us? Please? He may be a little lightweight next to Aphrodite, but especially with that pronunciation I think it works.

    Melchior--fur-lined cape again. Definitely. Gives me much the same feeling as Casimir, with a little less fur and a bit more silver. Certainly a winter name. (And yes, he's one of the Three Wise Men, but only in tradition--the names are not in the Bible (nor is the idea that there were three...) The others are Caspar and Balthazar--lovely too.)

    Rainier--completes my Top Five. He's beautiful, and you've loved him a long time, and he's so meaningful to you. Because of the word "rain," and the mountain, I see a mountain shrouded in mist and forests in the rain. Very different from Aphrodite, but complementary.

    Runners-up are Auberon, Darius, Endymion, Gawain, Orion, Perseus, Romulus and Tiberius. I'd love Romulus more if it hadn't been he who killed his brother And from the middles, MAY I swipe Finvarra for my list?? What an amazing sound--is it a variant of Finbar?

    Best wishes!
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    I see Algernon and can only think of Flowers for Algernon, from high school English class.

    From your list, I think Casimir, Damon, Darius, Leopold and Rainier are my favorites.


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