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    Algernon – It's adorable in a librarian sort of way, like Rupert Giles. Not a fan of the mustached meaning, though
    Ambrose – I'm weird, so I prefer straight up Merlin. Ambrose has always seemed rather fleshy and perfumed to me.
    Attila – I giggle. Ottilie and Attila! Definitely more drawn to your other choices, as Attila was quite the terror.
    Auberon – Swoon!! Rollicking and wise, a faerie crown of hawthorn berries and flame-colored autumn leaves. My one caveat is that I picture him as more of a Mabon character, and this is an Imbolc baby! Have we considered the Oberon spelling? I do find it more wintery.
    Bensiabel – So I had to go look up this fairytale, and am now thoroughly in love with it. I'm a little cautious about the name because it's so new to me and there's the –bel ending to contend with…but that could be offset by the accessible Ben and the quirkier Abel as nicknames. This is one to ponder!
    Casimir – Luxurious and ultra-suave. Not my very best favorite, but definitely in the running!
    Damon – My frame of reference begins and ends with the sexy bad-boy vampire. So basically, I love it. A little tame next to Aphrodite though.
    Darius – Interesting addition! I don't really favor it next to Aphrodite, but the name itself is lovely.
    Endymion – I just can't get over the magic of this name. It's perfection.
    Evander – He is more mainstream than Aphrodite, and your concerns about his getting lost in the shuffle are valid. Perhaps he'd make a better middle?
    Gawain – Strong, romantic, and legendary. I like him but I'm not in love with him.
    Herne – Quite surprised that you find him rough and unromantic! I guess I can see that because of the hunter associations, but to me he's lithe and sleek and mysterious, all misty forests and great blue herons. I'm not sure he works as a first though. Aphrodite and Herne? I don't know, does the difference in syllables make him pop or is it just anticlimactic?
    Leonidas vs. Leopold – I'm going to have to go with mister on this one. Leonidas is powerful and brash and brazen, where Leopold is endearing and gentlemanly…plus I instantly think of Kate and Leopold, which is not only an adorably romantic movie, but literally comes with mister's Hugh Jackman imagery built in!
    Lucius – Luscious Lucius, how I love you. Easily in my top five. He's so perfect with Aphrodite, all shimmer and shadow.
    Melchior – fdjfakl;ejwoij!!! YES. A thousand times yes. I can't have him, so I neeeeeed to know he's out there in the world somewhere, and where better than on a darling little otter-baby???
    Odin – I love the connection to your heritage, and the name itself is so brave and true. I'm not sure he works as a first though, because he shares so many of his few letters with Aphrodite. Not a particularly melodious sibset.
    Orion – Yay, I'm so glad he's back on the first name list!! Orion is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I keep bringing him up, but hubby shoots me down every time. Aphrodite and Orion are magical together!
    Percival – I have an irrational dislike for this name. Leopold, yes. Perseus, maybe. Percival, no. There's something so…snooty and prissy about it.
    Perseus – I know you love him, I just have other favorites You're right though, he's quite the badass!
    Rainier - Beautiful, romantic and meaningful to you. In a word, perfect.
    RomulusRomulus is pretty kickass, and I do have a thing for wolves. He might be more of a contender than I originally thought.
    Snowdon – Between the two mountains, I'd go with Rainier. It's just so much more personally significant to you.
    TiberiusRegal and richly historical. Easily holds his own next to Aphrodite.
    Xerxes – Interesting choice, with a pretty epic meaning. The X's do throw me a bit, they're quite trendy nowadays.

    Favorites (top five bolded and in order of preference): Endymion, Orion, Lucius, Melchior, Rainier, Auberon/Oberon, Tiberius, Leopold, Casimir, Bensiabel (can't resist a good male witch). And since you have both Orion and Melchior in your list…I hereby bequeath you my GP combo: Orion Melchior North.

    Like but don't love (or just don't like the sibset): Damon, Darius, Gawain, Herne, Leonidas, Odin, Perseus, Romulus, Xerxes

    Veto Points: Algernon (the meaning kills me), Ambrose, Attila, Evander (love, but maybe better in the middle), Percival, Snowdon (perhaps a middle instead?)
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    Just like in the girls list….. I 've commented on most of these at some point so I'm just going to categorize them and add my two cents to the ones I feel the most strongly about or something...

    Auberon/Oberon - still like the O spelling more.

    Attila - provided you like the Hun reference. I think it's pretty tantamount to Thor and both are kick-ass.

    Ambrose - but somehow this is too close to Aphrodite for me. Something about the A- and the rose thing + it being so close to ambrosia. It's odd to me.
    Percival - I always think or the Pig first.

    Xerxes - looks too much like Xerox's.

    Snowdon - this feels a little weak and not as magical as your others.
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    Orion Bayard, Perseus Evander, Rainier Endymion are BEAUTIFUL! I'm fond of a number of the ones you've chosen, but these sing to me!

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    I love your list! My favorites are Ambrose, Auberon, Casimir, Evander, Melchior, Orion and Romulus. I ADORE the sound of Melchior - so, so romantic. My only hesitation would be, as a musical theatre nerd, my first association is Melchior Gabor from Spring Awakening, which isn't a completely bad association (in the musical - it's kind of a bad one in the play version), but one some people might make.

    Aphrodite and Ambrose
    Aphrodite and Auberon
    Aphrodite and Casimir
    Aphrodite and Evander
    Aphrodite and Melchior
    Aphrodite and Orion
    Aphrodite and Romulus

    P.S: I love your daughter's name too. We're both named for goddesses of love! (I'm a Freya.)
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    Great List!

    Here are my favorites:

    AlgernonLOVE The Importance of Being Earnest. Don't know how I feel about the potential nickname "algae" though. Have you read "Flowers for Algernon"? I read it years ago and remember it being a very sad book so that's another potential reference.
    Ambrose – This is one of my top names but sometimes it does feel feminine to me.
    Attila – baller name.
    Endymion – You're right on the "wintry" feel!
    Evander – This one's also on my top list. Reminds me of the Civil War (i.e. Evander M. Law) and I love studying the Civil War.
    Melchior – Cool name! I like the nickname "Mel"
    Orion – Definitely a cool name. And he'd have his own constellation

    Good luck narrowing down your list!

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