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    Gut reactions:

    Algernon - no. I like The Importance reference, but the sound is awkward to me.
    Ambrose - like, but feels like it doesn't hold up to Aphrodite.
    Attila - No. Love Eastern Europe, but don't love this name.
    Auberon - Meh...references are cool but feel like it blends in with the -on, -in, -en names of today.
    Bensiabel - eh, just Ben? The -bel ending might be too feminine, too?
    Casimir - YES. LOVE.
    Damon - Kinda boring, with or without the Matt pop reference.
    Darius - YES. I feel like in the US, this is one of those names that the African-American community has retained for use but is rare Moses. But I don't think it's that common. After the Persian King, I do think of Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish. Not sure how common that would be. LOVE it, though.
    Endymion - Like, but don't think it fits the H's requirement of being masculine enough.
    Evander - All I can think of is Evander Holyfield. Sorry. Too close to Alexander for me, too. And somehow feels somehow too modern for you, even though I know it's an ancient name.
    Gawain - Not with Aphrodite. Has a weak sound to me, actually. Don't love. Though, again, great reference.
    Herne - Hernia. And on the too-masculine-with-no-romance side, definitely.
    Leonidas - YES.
    Leopold - YES. Oh dear, I can't decide with of these Leo names I like better. The Germanic side of me might go for Leopold. However, I do think of the nasty King Leopold of Belgium who kind of ruined the Congo, so the associations with Leonidas are better. But there are plenty of other Leopolds.
    Lucius - eh. Not exciting enough somehow.
    Melchior - How is this pronounced? I think I like it, but I'm confused.
    Odin - Like the Norwegianness. I actually really want you to go for the Norwegian/Germanic/E. Europe side this time since Aphrodite is so Greek myth.
    Orion - I have a BIL with this name and it's great, very usable but strong meaning/story. is possible to be a popular name? Something about it seems TOO usable to me. It might be because it sounds so close to Ryan and Brian that it loses a little bit of magic because of the connection to those very common names. It is near 400 and climbing in the US.
    Percival - Have never liked. Percival and Percy both sound a bit weak to me, somehow.
    Perseus - But this I love.
    Rainier - LOVE this, actually. Feels strong enough to match up to Aphrodite, and unexpected but still usable. Like that it has so much personal connection for you.
    Romulus - Eh. Like it okay. If you like wolves so much, I like Wolfgang better.
    Snowdon - Can't see this on a person. Makes me think of a cat named Snowy or Snowball.
    Tiberius - YES. Unexpected but very usable.
    Xerxes - I like. It feels a little silly alongside Aphrodite, though.

    Middle names I love:
    Hawthorn, Hector, Rufus, Vladimir, Wolfgang.

    (Ha, didn't notice you had Wolfgang here til after I suggested it above. LOVE. Also Vladimir.)

    For you and Roo I think these are best: Casimir, Leonidas/Leopold, Perseus, Rainier, Tiberius, Odin, Darius....or something else more Norwegian, E Euro, or Germanic.

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