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    My favorites:

    Rainier - my absolute favorite

    All are very handsome, useable, and decidedly masculine.

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    Algernon – I love this; such an awesome addition to your list. Definitely strong and romantic. Bullseye.
    AmbroseLove it, I really do. It’s just too soft next to Aphordite—middle maybe?
    Attila – I’ve been thinking about this name since you mentioned it in your last post. I do love the powerful and grand imagery and especially how this reflects your heritage. It may have some feminine sounds, but there’s absolutely no question that this name is for a male.
    AuberonOne of my favorites. Totally fairytale, total hunk.
    Bensiabel—Oh, I do love my fairytales, but this doesn’t strike me as strictly masculine. That darn –bel ending is just too popular for the girls right now.
    Casimir—you’re right. Rocking is a perfect word.
    Damon—There’s just not enough flair here next to Aphrodite
    Darius—Ooh, a name I haven’t thought about in a while. Thanks so much for bringing it back into my life.
    Endymion—Definitely romantic, definitely masculine
    Evander—Not only are there those –ander names, but there’s Evan as well. I think it’s better in the middle.
    Gawain—I agree that you have others that pair better with Aphrodite
    Herne—one syllable magic for the middle?
    LeonidasLove, love, love this name, but I’m not as excited about it as others on your list
    Leopold—Hm, it’s not one of my personal favorites, but I do think it really works for you.
    Lucius—same as Leopold
    Melchior—It’s definitely wintery and romantic, but there’s something throwing me off.
    Odin—I don’t think it’s bad to double up the major deities necessarily, but it may make naming a third more challenging? Odin is such a good name…
    Orion—Great image, but the name itself isn’t as exciting
    Percival—I’m liking this more and more with Aphrodite. Unapologetically romantic pair.
    Perseus—I don’t know why, but it kind of feels predictable next to Aphrodite.
    RainierJust simply dashing. Also love the family connection
    Romulus—It’s good, but not my favorite
    ETA: I just reread this and I think this sounds like I'm writing this name off. I'm trying to be so critical, as your names are so great, but I'm relenting a bit here
    Snowdon—This doesn’t feel like it has as much meaning behind it as your others
    Tiberius—Well, he wasn’t my favorite emperor, but the river makes up for it.
    Xerxes—I think the king route is a good one.

    Absolute favorites of favorites: Algernon, Auberon, Casimir, Endymion (I guess I got stuck in the beginning of the alphabet...)
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    Casimir - It's just rocking.
    Damon - One of my all time favourite myths. I don't mind the pop-reference.
    Evander - Great name and namesake, the only thing is; there are a lot of -ander names. Will it get lost in them all?
    Leopold - Husband's favourite Leo-name. Dashing and fun and sexy.
    Odin - Obviously a major God, but I like that it's connected to my Norwegian side, and it's so strong and good.
    Orion - I love this myth, Orion is almost everything I love; romance, forests, hunting and astrology.
    Perseus - Another of my favourite myths. Perseus rocks, although I always felt kind of sad for Medusa.
    Rainier - Beautiful, romantic and meaningful to me. The French version of my grandfather's name, my favourite poet, and an I hear beautiful mountain.

    Torfinn << close to Thor but spelled phonetically and longer ... still sounds majestic
    Serefin << may be too soft for your husband
    Caillou (kai YOU)
    Kaleo (kuh LAY oh)
    Kolohe (koh LOH hay) << means michevious in Hawaiian
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    1. Auberon
    2. Casimir
    3. Tiberius
    4. Orion
    5. Rainier

    These are my top favorites from your boy's list. I really like Aphrodite and Auberon or Aphrodite and Casimir.
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    I love, love, love this list. Paring it down is excruciating. My favorites are bolded.

    Algernon - I'm a fan of clunky antiques (Ignatius! Balthazar! Waldo!) so of course I like Algernon. That said, 'Algie' is an unfortunate nickname (algae?) and with a name this heavy a short form is inevitable.
    Ambrose - Gorgeous, aristocratic, handsome -- there are not enough glowing adjectives in the world. Love, love Ambrose.
    Attila - Kind of stark and brittle compared to the rest of your list, which is so full of rich, lush names. I also think of 'Matilda'.
    Auberon - See Ambrose. I love. I gush.
    Bensiabel - He'll be one Ben among many.
    Casimir - Casimir has got to rank among the most stylish and dashing of names. Rocking indeed.
    Damon - Compared to the rest of your list, Damon seems so...basic.
    Darius - My major association with Darius is his character in Mary Renault's The Persian Boy -- not a flattering portrait. That said, it's a strong and beautiful name.
    Endymion - Little fire! You could even use the fabulous nn Ender.
    Evander - You're right: there are a lot of -ander names. Evander is a solid choice, but I prefer the more exotic Skander.
    Gawain - I said this one out loud a few times and it turned into "Gwane", like Wayne with a stuffy nose. Love the mythological associations, but the name itself is rather weak.
    Herne - I think of rough-hewn stone and weathered cliffs. Strong, stern, subtle, but definitely the outlier of your list. I also don't think Herne pairs well with Aphrodite.
    Leonidas and Leopold - Both dashing and fun and sexy, though I slightly prefer Leopold.
    Lucius - Personally I favor Lucien over Lucius (too hissy), but it's still a great name.
    Melchior - A big baroque monument of a name, like Algernon but far more stilted and far less charming. Not my cup of tea.
    Odin - ADORE. So strong, so handsome, so wearable and versatile.
    Orion - Orion checks all your boxes and it's such a wonderful name. My only reservation is that I can see it becoming trendy.
    Percival - I vastly prefer Perseus.
    Perseus - I love Perseus for you. He's perfect with Aphrodite -- though bear in mind that you'll be setting a fairly strong Greco-Roman mythology theme (nothing wrong with that!).
    Rainier - I love Rainer, but Rainier is a little too much like an adjective to describe inclement weather ("It's just gettin' rainier and rainier!").
    Romulus - Love the myth, love the sound, love the wolf associations, and Rom is such a strong, bouncy nickname.
    Snowdon - This looks too much like "snowed on".
    Tiberius - Though I would prefer it in the middle spot (Star Trek fan, natch).
    Xerxes - Sounds like a cough. Sorry.
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