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    History Boys - Attempt No. 2

    Here we go again. This is the 25 names we've agreed we both like enough to name our baby if it is a boy! I know it's a lot of names, but two minds makes a mess. If you've got comments we'd love them, as we're trying to narrow this list down. Our daughter's name is Aphrodite, so we're not concerned with names that are a bit... over the top. A few things before the list can be read:

    1) We don't care about same initials, which is why there are four A-names on our list.
    2) We also don't mind using another name from mythology (and more specifically Greek mythology).
    3) I'm really drawn to names with O's and U's in them, so if you've got some amazing names with these letters in them, feel free to share!
    4) Husband has a clear idea of what he wants the name to sound like. He said to me "dashing, romantic, yet strictly masculine. Imagine Hugh Jackman in a fur lined velvet cape." Yeah...

    Algernon - H's idea, he likes the refernce to William de Percy and The Importance of Being Earnest.
    Ambrose - another name for Merlin, I like how romantic it is.
    Attila - I guess this might seem weird, but it's not uncommon in Eastern Europe (where we've both got ancestry) and Attila the Hun must've been rather awesome.
    Auberon - The King of the Faeries.
    Bensiabel - Male witch in the Italian fairytale Prunella. I used to love this fairytale as a child.
    Casimir - It's just rocking.
    Damon - One of my all time favourite myths. I don't mind the pop-reference.
    Darius - A name of kings! Persian kings! I really like it, and was quite surprised he brought it up.
    Endymion - Long time favourite both because of sound and myth. Would be rather perfect for a winter baby.
    Evander - Great name and namesake, the only thing is; there are a lot of -ander names. Will it get lost in them all?
    Gawain - My favourite from last time around, but I'm uncertain about how much I like it with Aphrodite.
    Herne - Strong and masculine, but I'm afraid it's not romantic enough. It feels quite rough.
    Leonidas - My favourite Leo-name. Dashing and fun and sexy.
    Leopold - Husband's favourite Leo-name. Dashing and fun and sexy.
    Lucius - I love how light and mysterious this is. Feels like it would be befitting of a child born in the cold winter.
    Melchior - Husband brought this one up, and I was surprised. I'm kind of really starting to like it. It feels very wintery and romatic.
    Odin - Obviously a major God, but I like that it's connected to my Norwegian side, and it's so strong and good.
    Orion - I love this myth, Orion is almost everything I love; romance, forests, hunting and astrology.
    Percival - Same as Leopold, and the Arthurian connection.
    Perseus - Another of my favourite myths. Perseus rocks, although I always felt kind of sad for Medusa.
    Rainier - Beautiful, romantic and meaningful to me. The French version of my grandfather's name, my favourite poet, and an I hear beautiful mountain.
    Romulus - The founder of Rome, one of my favourite cities. Raised by wolves, I love wolves.
    Snowdon - My favourite mountain, and I love snow. I was surprised when he brought it up, but delighted as well.
    Tiberius - Rocking emperor, the river and it just sounds amazing.
    Xerxes - Yes, husband's idea. Another king, and the name means "hero of heroes".

    Cyrus, Laszlo and Ptolemy has been voted off by husband because "they sound stupid". Isidore, Orpheus and Sylvan are off because "they're too soft".

    Middle name option (but we're not looking for combos at the moment, just to let you know in case you were wondering where they went) are:
    Alaric, Altair, Antony, Bayard, Calidore, Cecil, Dragan, Eindride, Emrys (if we don't go with Ambrose of course), Finvarra, Grenfell, Gwydion, Hawthorn, Hector, Iorek, Jason, Leverett, Loke/Loki, Lorengel, Lugh, Oliver, Ranulph, Robin, Rowan, Rufus, Rupert, Sebastian, Siderion, Taliesin, Theron, Thor, Tryst, Valemon, Vladimir, Wayland, Winterson and Wolfgang.

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    My favorite names from your list:
    Ambrose- very dashing, and French/old south
    Casimir- reminds me of Led Zepplin Kashmir
    Damon- love love love it. Uber masculine. You could spell it Daemon to Greek it up a bit (means spirits)
    Darius- Strong name
    Evander- strong and romantic
    Leonidas- love it, love the history behind it!
    Orion- I like both the mythological and astronomical history
    Romulus- I like this, but it sounds very harsh
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    I'm seriously loving your boys list, Ottilie

    My favorites, in order

    Rainier. It feels majestic yet cool. Love the family connection for you as well. Aphrodite is such a strong name and I feel like Rainier stands up to that.

    Orion - another name I feel holds its own against Aphrodite yet has its own coolness.

    Lucius- I love the Lu sounds in names

    Leonidas- all I see are Roo and Leo taking on the world. I like this one a lot!

    Perseus. I love saying it.

    Like but not as much as the top five

    I love your naming journeys! I'm so excited for you and your new little one. Still secretly hoping for a boy. Although, you do make beautiful niñas too!
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    I'm in love w/Alexios this week.

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    1,809 have such exotic taste! I think my favorite for you is Casimir, because it just feels like a name you would choose, and it is easily spelled and pronounced. I also love Ambrose, but something about it feels a tad feminine to me (I see both Amber and Rose in it). Another runner-up is Percival, because it sounds distinguished and intelligent, and Percy is a darling boyish nickname with antique vibes. Melchior has a definite cozy, Christmasy feel, with a mysterious and ancient edge to it.

    Damon and Darius don't strike me as Ottilie names; too common and unremarkable? The Leo- names also feel unremarkable compared to the other choices on your list.

    I recommend the name Thurlow, which means, if my source is correct, "Thor's hill," and has the O and U that you like.

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