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    I really love Evander and Leonides. I also love Ambrose and Casimir. In fact, Casimir might be my very favorite.

    As for your husband's idea for the name: I keep thinking of Artegal. It's one of my GP favorites. (My husband would never let me use it.)

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    I like these names with Aphrodite from your list. If you're not concerned with same initials, I won't care either!


    I like these middle names:

    Altair, Antony, Bayard, Calidore, Emrys, Finvarra, Grenfell, Hawthorn, Hector, Lorengel, Lugh, Oliver, Ranulph, Rowan, Rufus, Rupert, Sebastian, Taliesin, Thor, Valemon and Winterson.
    All the best,

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    The only one I'd advise against is Bensiabel, purely for the popularity of the -bel/-belle/-bella names on girls at the moment. I don't know quite how you pronounce it but I know on first glance I read it as Ben-Isabel, before realising I'd got the s and the i the wrong way round, but if I did it so might other people, it's just something to consider. I'd also caution Attila for its similarity to Ottilie (if that's your real name and not just a screen name) but it might not bother you.

    I really like Casimir, Leonidas, Tiberius, Evander and Algernon with Roo's name.

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    Whoa, four pages. I will do a group thanks for the ones who simply gave their favourites, as there's not really anything to say but thanks!

    Mbrow22, Jfern, Boy&Girl, Shanade, Shieldsc, Pardalote, Northern Lights, Whisk me away, JTucker, Kyemsma, Mischa: Thank you all so much! I appreciate it.

    Dina; Thanks, I’m loving the list too. So many good boy names. I love the ones you picked out, thanks for commenting on them !

    Rkrd; Alexei was on the list at some time for last baby, Alexios is a bit too… something for my taste.

    Alzora; Thanks! Casmir is definitely one of my favourites… Thurlow sounds very cool, I will have to look this one up!

    Sparrow; yeah, we changed it. The thread is called The Roo Redo Thanks for commenting on your favourites. I miss Sylvan too, but we might use it somewhere for a future baby.

    Mrs Anton; Ulysses is cool, but that would mean scratching Circe off my girl list, and I can’t do that.

    C&P m’dear; Thank you!!! I agree with so many of your bizarre thoughts. Especially Casimir, it kind of reminds me of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe… Edmund and the sleighride. Before it goes horribly wrong of course. I also adore how you see Romulus, Rainier, Lucius and Percival! And six sons? You’d better do some babysitting

    Reverie; thanks for all your comments! Casimir is rocking isn’t it? Your spot on about most of the names (Auberon, totally fairytale, total hunk made me happy!). Thanks so much

    Augusta; Thank you! I’m so glad you love Ambrose and Auberon and Casimir and on and on and on. Wonderful and thoughtful comments. And you’re right about Snowdon. It is nixed.

    Angel; Thanks, it’s spooky though. But good. You’ll get to make combos later, I promise. I’ll need your expertise… Love the ones you picked out and your reasons. Thanks so much, sweetie!

    Averella; Casimir and Endymion are two of my absolute favourites…

    Sansa; thanks for your comments and picking out your favourites. Very helpful!

    Sarah; haha, yeah, we should just call him Hugh… Thanks for dividing the list, I love Lucius too. So sweet.

    Celianne; Thank you for your comments (especially the Auberon one!). I’ve looked at pictures of mt. Rainier, and it’s on our destination list for the future… and thank you for picking out the ones you think are best.

    Clocktower; thanks for picking out your favourites. Cormac really isn’t my style… too harsh and Irish.

    Ruolan; I like Lysander, but it has been nixed because I dislike the Shakespeare character, and Aragorn is amazing. Big Tolkien fan here.

    Vicoustrollop; I quite like Lucian, but Lucius is better. Samson, I like the sound, but not the man, and Rhys is too macho. Thank for picking out your favourites!

    Victoria; Thanks or picking out your favs and commenting. I think you’re right about Xerxes, it might be too over the top. Well, I cried a little when he said no to Isidore, but maybe I can sneak it in as a middle? Hmmm… Uriah is pretty cool, but I only think of Uriah Heep. Orlando would’ve been on the top of my list, but an acquaintance who’s got identical taste in name as me used it a few months ago for her son. Othello is cool, but not the namesake I wish for my son. Odysseus I like, but it rules out Circe. Thanks, sweetie!

    Amy Love; Categories! Stars! Awesome comments! Thanks so much for doing that, having you along with me on my naming journey makes me feel like I’m in safe hands. I love how you describe them and the obvious thought you’ve put into it. And of course you’re right about almost everything… But you don’t like mr. Malfoy? How can that be? Am I the only one? And yes, HUSBAND. Simple little ceremony, nothing fancy, he wore jeans. Thanks so so much sweetie!

    Loisvs; Thanks for all the comments. I know Darius is kind of an African American name, but I think that makes me love it even more. I think you (and a few others) might be right that Orion is too usable, we need something rarer to match Dita. Yeah, I like Wolfgang, but only in the middle I think. Probably because I need the first name to have a rocking namesake...

    tfzolghadr; thanks for your comments. I hate the nickname Al as well, it makes me sad. Thanks for bringing the whistle blower thing to my attention. I hadn’t thought about that.

    Whirli; Thanks for your comments, very helpful!

    Bonnie; thank you! For picking out your favs, and your comments are appreciated. I love how you talk about Lucius and Rainier… definitely two of my favourites…

    Rachel; I looooove Artegal! I am a huge Faerie Queene fan, but my husband doesn’t think Aretgal is a suitable name. I am hoping I might convince him to use it as a middle (or Marinell, another favourite of mine)

    Essjay; yeah, Bensiabel might be too out there. It’s ben-see-AH-bel. Attila might be too close to Ottilie, it’s my middle but plenty of my friends call me by it. Thanks for picking out your favourites!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Oh how lovely! Congratulations Mrs. Roo's Mommy!! =]

    Thank you so much for the kind words, I am always happy to help! Listen ok, there have to be like, 3 maybeee 4 HP characters that I don't like or else the books would be far too overwhelming for me. I have a feeling that's also where my Percy aversion stems from. But the Lucius is great, it's just a shame that a Malfoy had to be the one to wear it and have that be my first exposure to the name, haha. But I'm quite sure I could get over it the second I saw a small (blonde??) boy version of Roo.
    Dominic James~ {7}

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